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What A Wonderful World- A Wet Zoo Trip!

Bejewelled Birds, Rocking Dog

Bejewelled Birds

What do you do when it’s blowing a gale, grey, wet, muddy and miserable? Simple, take a friend to the zoo! Bristol Zoo provided a day with driving rain, cold animals and umbrella’s blowing inside out. However……It was lovely to reacquaint myself with a myriad of amazing creatures and exotic plants.

Thankfully there is no pacing Polar Bear, Elephant, White Tiger cage or Brown Bears- all memories of my childhood visits. More sadly there are no longer monkeys residing in the 1920’s temple.

Walking around the various enclosures it was so evident just how inspirational nature is for fashion, paint colours, fabrics and wallpapers. I loved some of the corals, so fragile, such spectacular colours and shapes. What A Wonderful World. Just wish we could all look after it so much better.

The Flamingo’s seemed to pay no attention to the inclement weather- it was all water off a Flamingo’s back! Their exotic pink colour comes about from the pigments in the organisms they consume. Seeing them reminded me of a roll of wallpaper that i’d stashed away (£5 oddment). A wrap was done. OK, it’s not Christmassy … but lovely nevertheless!

The Butterfly house saw exotic butterflies coming into land. Wonderful fluttering corsages, brooches and decoration for our damp coats. Once home I reached out for my coveted roll of Christian Lacroix wallpaper and did a bit of creative wrapping. I took a page from an interior design brochure, wrapped my gift and added butterflies cut out from the wallpaper. I just Pritt- sticked the centres of the butterflies, so that my paper creatures looked as if they were about to fly.

I really must get around to Christmas and to finally writing a list!

Our Fragile Planet, Rocking Dog

Our Fragile Planet

A Real One....., Rocking Dog

A Real One…..

...And Paper Ones!, Rocking Dog

…And Paper Ones!

Tactile Nature, Rocking Dog

Tactile Nature

Water Off A Flamingo's Back!, Rocking Dog

Water Off A Flamingo’s Back!

Flamingo Wrap, Rocking Dog

Flamingo Wrap

Wrapped Up For Summer

Picnic Packing, Rocking Dog

Picnic Packing

More ideas from Rocking Dog for creative gift wrapping. I love to give a little clue as to a packages contents, and these gifts are no different.

The picnic packing indeed contains an innovative picnic bag (John Lewis). Filled with gel it can be put in the freezer and then taken out of its icy residence when the sun is shining. Decadently filled with mini cans of Pimms, bread (The Thoughtful Bread Company perhaps), some delicious cheeses (I love the Fine Cheese Company in Bath) would be bliss. Local Cheddar strawberries and a naughty wedge of homemade cake would complete the gastronomic alfresco lunch. Don’t worry about the heat of the day, the bag will keep things perfectly chilled for twelve hours.

So the packaging… I used my old favourite, wallpaper. This is a lovely bold extra wide paper by Marimekko, found in the bargain bin at John Lewis. I teamed it with ribbon, a paper plate and some wooden cutlery, together with a floral Marimekko paper napkin (John Lewis). The remainder of the napkin pack went in with the picnic bag!

The Travelling gift was for a lovely friend who is travelling a stretch of the Rhine next month. A document wallet and a small stash of euro’s for tea and kuchen were the contents. Meanwhile the wrap was a slightly damaged (and therefore reduced) sheet of map wrapping paper to which I added some black and white boat pictures (I decided against using a Titanic style sinking ship!). Coarse garden string and a shop bought tag were added to complete the gifts frouing.

Presently, my brain is in full throttle coming up with ideas for a large cake I have been commissioned to do for delivery on Friday. I rather think it will have flamingo’s in tutu’s cavorting on it… I find celebration cakes Soooooo stressful and need to confidently utter the words NO!

Travelling Gift, Rocking Dog

Travelling Gift

Wrap Detail, Rocking Dog

Wrap Detail