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Vintage Tray Cloth Gift Envelope

Signed & Sealed, Rocking Dog

Signed & Sealed

A wedding beckons this weekend. Having bought a very garish and somewhat unspectacular JL gift card I wanted to make it look a bit more matrimonial!

Taking a laundered and starched vintage tray cloth (approximately £1 in a charity shop) I folded the cloth in half and used my wooden envelope template to cut a fabric envelope. Using my beloved Bernina I sewed the two envelope layers together and then sewed the two side seams (the flaps that would normally be glued if the envelope was being made of paper). A fabric envelope had now very simply been created.

Now for a little embellishment! I hand stitched a few silvery sequin shapes onto the front of the envelope which took a few minutes. Happy with the effect, I turned my attention to the lime green gift card. I simply wrapped it in a brown paper envelope and bound it with a handwritten message and some twine. I added one or two sequins using a glue gun to provide continuity between the gift with the outer fabric envelope.

With the gift card placed in the tray cloth envelope, I tucked in the flap and threaded a luggage label through the lace. Again I glued a sequin or two (more is definitely more for me!) to my tag. This project took about 40 minutes to complete. Part of this time was taken up with complete brain block on how to spell Keith!

Voila! Gift signed, sealed and soon to be delivered! Let’s Get Married!

Incidentally the delicious backdrop for my photo’s is a paper by Cole & Son called Flamingos which I found in a wallpaper bargain bin for £5. I’m sure it’s going to pop up in some future papery Rocking Dog projects very soon!

However you spend your weekend I hope you have a lovely one.

Tremendous Template, Rocking Dog

Tremendous Template

Ready To Frou!, Rocking Dog

Ready To Frou!

Voila!, Rocking Dog