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Taking A Moment In The Twilight Garden

Garden Mannequin, Rocking Dog

Garden Mannequin

Life has been a bit stressful over the last few days, so taking a moment in the garden at twilight was calming, heart slowing and magical.

On Saturday evening our boy managed to get his finger stuck to some barbed wire, just as Andyman and I were heading to Bath. A phone call from Alex’s girlfriend Kylie, bought us swiftly home. By the time we arrived back, we had a paramedic’s car in the driveway, and close by, on a public walkway Alex was indeed harpooned to a fence post! Andyman was summoned to try and find a neighbour with wire cutters, meanwhile Alex was “enjoying” some nitrous oxide. In amongst all the mayhem Real Live Rocking Dog felt short changed in that he hadn’t had his walk. Thus, the lovely paramedic was kicking the ball for convalescent dog in-between treatment of shocked boy. It all seemed like some far fetched “Casualty” script! Alex went off to the new super hospital at Southmead with barb still embedded and so the long night began.

It is very funny to be handing over the responsibility of our son to his future wife, and she coped brilliantly despite not liking blood, gore and sleep deprivation ! Finally, with barb removed everyone got three or four hours sleep. A minor op’, lots of waiting and a tiny sticking plaster Alex arrived home on Sunday evening. It literally was 24 hours in A&E! We joked as to whether the couple had put a First Aid Kit on their wedding list. Believe me Kylie with Alex you’ll need it!

Yesterday, because of the swollen stitched finger I drove Alex to a prearranged meeting in Alton, Hampshire where Channel 4 were conducting an interview with World champion para athlete Georgie Hermitage. What an inspirational woman with the most adorable toddler. It was lovely to spend time with my son, but he really didn’t “get” my enthusiasm for Stonehenge as we passed it by.

After lots of stressy stuff it was great to venture out yesterday evening to enjoy the peace of an autumnal woodland garden. The whites of open conker shells and foxgloves almost luminously glowed in the twilight. The garden took on an air of mystery, magic and romance. The very best bit was that the weeds went unnoticed.

Imposing Inula, Rocking Dog

Imposing Inula

Chelsea Digitalis, Rocking Dog

Chelsea Digitalis

Artichoke Ancestor, Rocking Dog

Artichoke Ancestor

Garden Guardian, Rocking Dog

Garden Guardian

Thriving on the Wood Pile, Rocking Dog

Thriving on the Wood Pile

Conker Harvest, Rocking Dog

Conker Harvest