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Enough, Enough Now!

crappy but pretty crackers, rocking dog

Crappy But Pretty Crackers

As I came out of the supermarket this evening the words in my title are what I said out loud, “Enough, Enough Now!” Yes, those words are so recognisable from the smaltzy “Love Actually”. I have to admit I love some of the scenes in the film particularly Emma Thompson’s scene where she is patting the bed to try and gain control of her emotions. But back to Enough… I really have had enough of everything retail and I am now in a shop free zone for at least two weeks. If all else fails I have enough beans and pulses of all descriptions to keep us going for half the year. Yum!

Yes, I have been making crackers but dear old trusted Tom Smith has nothing to fear- my efforts are pretty feeble but have a certain charm! I also very much enjoyed handwriting the jokes (using the internet) and I had quite a chuckle to myself! Here is a little sample- Why won’t Santa visit Nigel Farage? Because he only comes if you sleep, not if Ukip! and… What will be missing from Take That’s Christmas Stocking this year? An Orange! There is just one cracker to be filled and if my husband is reading this there is a very lovely bespoke ring on the Toast website composed of five gold rings- a trifle under £2,000! No a Haribo jelly one will suffice. I don’t need gold- and my fingers certainly don’t deserve precious metals and stones.

Happy Christmas Eve, I hope you enjoy it and that you too are able to say out loud “Enough, Enough Now!” It’s honestly quite therapeutic!

12 days of christmas place setting, rocking dog

12 Days Of Christmas Place Setting

embellishments cut from an  old calendar, rocking dog

Embellishments cut from an old calendar