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Circle Of Life.

lovely horse, rocking dog

Lovely Horse

This is the lovely horse Real Live Rocking Dog and I encounter most mornings when we head out on our ambles. We call it the Mr Badger walk as there is an old, long deserted badger sett as we travel through this ferny tract. I particularly love it when there is a frost or the snow which brings with it such unfathomable stillness as we walk. On occasions Dog and I have met deer, a startled fox and large birds (i’m not very knowledgable on my birds of prey I’m afraid!) In the summer the track is impassable with chest high lancing brambles, whilst autumn brings Sloes, Cob nuts and an array of exotic looking mushrooms. With sparse pickings in the depths of winter, spring along the track brings bowers of purple and white Lilac, Catkins, Pussy Willow and May blossoms.

This horse with its adorable pink velvety muzzle is very friendly, and though i’m not a “horsey” person i’m very fond of greeting this equine beauty. Until recently another horse shared the field….. alas it is a still in the field but now covered by red earth and a gentle covering of grass. I hope in the spring wild flowers will germinate and adorn this final resting place. Happily, another horse has come to the field, another equine loner, and hopefully life feels better.

resting place, rocking dog

Resting Place

ferny tract, rocking dog

Ferny Tract