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Pretty Puddings At The Pig At Bath

You're So Pretty! Rocking Dog

You’re So Pretty!

What pretty puddings we ate at The Pig at Bath on Sunday. The piggy bites and the mains were lovely too, as was the occasion we were celebrating. Our neighbour Symon had reached the dizzy heights of being 40.

The weather was truly gorgeous and so puddings and coffee were eaten alfresco. We eventually retreated to a more shady spot, and the boys debated how easy it would be to build a pair of Adirondack chairs. Get on it boys!

We could have sat there in that beautiful garden ALL afternoon. If it wasn’t a full Pig-out you were wanting, there were delicious pizzas being baked outside in the wood fired oven. The Pig is child friendly and it was lovely to see siblings happily swinging in the hammock, doing hand stands and playing hide and seek. Meanwhile fallow deer with their fuzzy antlers and swishing tails were grazing in a nearby field. We eventually left our sun soaked seats and headed into the walled kitchen garden.

For me the kitchen garden is a good reason to come to The Pig for lunch. I love eating and then having a leisurely pootle to see just what is growing in the garden. That fork to plate vision is something I really love. All types of summer fruits, herbs, globe artichokes, rainbow chard, rocket were all ready to pick.

Another gorgeous visit to The Pig and we all left with a warm glow! 40 isn’t that bad after all is it Symon!?

PS The pretty puddings were a Summer berry focaccia with a berry ice cream, a Gooseberry fool with gingerbread pig and a Garden mint mousse with chocolate ice cream. Yummy!

You're So Pretty Too!, Rocking Dog

You’re So Pretty Too!

Gooseberry Yumminess, Rocking Date

Gooseberry Yumminess

Piggy Fours, Rocking Dog

Piggy Fours

Cocktails, Rocking Dog


Sunny Coffee, Rocking Dog

Sunny Coffee

Out Front, Rocking Dog

Out Front

Exotic Peas, Rocking Dog

Exotic Peas

Spiky Vegetable, Rocking Dog

Spiky Vegetable

Potting Shed Treatment Anyone ? Rocking Dog

Potting Shed Treatment Anyone?