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Wrapped Up Well And Truly!

all that glitters is not gold rocking dog

All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

Trying to get ahead with things- I have spent far too many Christmas Eves wrapping presents at 3am! I haven’t bought any paper this year-instead, I have been using up my stocks of tissue paper, wallpaper, luggage labels and embellishing frou!

Exhibit A- A glittery box with numbered tags from Ikea, Petersham type ribbon from a market stall and plastic gold fern that I bought in post Christmas sales in a long forgotten department store.

Exhibit B- Parcels wrapped in a Designers Guild┬ábrochure, Christmas decorations, and market stall braids and ribbons. Christmas wrapping doesn’t need to be red gold and green! Although if that floats your boat that’s great.

Exhibit C- A parcel wrapped in a whizzy orange wrapper, silver thread, and label written on the back of a Mexican match box.

Exhibit D- Brown paper, candy cane, bottle brush tree from a cake decorating store, mushrooms from TX Maxx. Lovely cotton spot ribbon market stall find, cone a dog walk find and bakers twine bought in NY. Tag made from a letter left over from scrapbooking (HobbyCraft).

These are all inexpensive ideas to create- you just need a little time and imagination together with a lovely big glass of wine! Happy Wrapping!!

cheapskate wrapping rocking dog

Cheapskate Wrapping!

orange wrapper wrapping, rocking dog

Orange Wrapper Wrapping

kitsch wrap, rocking dog

Kitsch Wrap