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Flamingoing, Going….Gone! Cake Eaten.

You Will Go To The Ball!, Rocking Dog

You Will Go To The Ball!

The Flamingo’s have been gorged, tiara’s been gleaned and cocktails been stirred. Monkey food (candy banana’s) and Flamingo food (candy shrimps) voraciously gobbled, together with Flamingo eggs (of the pink foiled chocolate variety) edibly incubated.

The cake of yesterday is a warm fuzzy memory.

Do Not Feed The Bears!, Rocking Dog

Do Not Feed The Bears!

Take A Peek In The Larder!

in a pickle, rocking dog

In A Pickle!

Yes, please take a peek in the larder!
Liz and daughter Sorrel have been busy concocting delicious things for the fast approaching festive season. Pickled limes and lemons, Stem Ginger, Spiced Orange Slices (delicious with gammon) are just a few of the wonders on sale this Sunday (Please contact Rocking Dog for timings). Sorrel’s Jewelled Quince Paste is a wonderful accompaniment on a cheese board and makes a great stocking filler whilst Cherry and Pistachio Biscotti make for posh coffee dunking!
There’ll be a range of freshly baked mince pies and cakes on sale together with gorgeous hand sewn gift items. Liz’s very talented friend Stephanie will be offering a cornucopia of wonderful and unique pieces for sale (that’s if Liz hasn’t purchased it all!).

The house will look jubilant in its eclectic festive splendour and there’ll be warming festive punch and Michael Buble, together with gorgeous things to nibble on (but not Michael unfortunately!) Profits from refreshments are going to the charity AFRIpads with £90 having already been donated. Thank you.

Now for the massive task ahead…emptying eleven boxes of Christmas decorations and prettying a tree that was destined for compost! I felt so sad for this little tree that I elected to give it a home, thus giving it an albeit transient moment of twinkling glory. You can put the tissues away now!

spice up christmas, rocking dog

Spice Up Christmas!

sublime lime, rocking dog

Sublime Lime!

jewelled quince paste, rocking dog

Jewelled Quince Paste

Sandwich Search!

Porchetta. Rocking Dog
Going in search of the most perfect sandwich. Stay cosy!

Edible Gifts for Hambrook WI

Christmas Food Labels
Rocking Dog is readying herself for this evening’s Hambrook WI session. I am leading a session on Edible Gifts- hope the lovely ladies don’t think I am trying to teach them to suck eggs! They have such a reputation for their cooking and baking skills. I will sign on tomorrow with their review of my Secret Mince Pies!

Spicy Gifts

Spicy Gifts

Salt and Spice

Salt and Spice

Pear + Walnut

Pear + Walnut