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My Week Defined By Vegetables

Chelsea Potatoes,Rocking Dog

Chelsea Potatoes

Indeed last week was rather dominated by all that was vegetable.

MONDAY. A relaxing lunch with friend at The Pig near Bath. As ever it was gorgeous to have a wander around the walled kitchen garden after eating some delicious plates of food. There is something rather special about a garden in winter. The stillness, quiet, and the silent anticipation of shoots and leaves forcing their way through frost crested earth.

TUESDAY. I went on a Social Media course at the M Shed, Bristol. Discussing the merits and problems of different social media platforms I felt somehow rather disillusioned. However, I feel I have a better understanding of feed, engagement, traffic etc… but i’m still a slumbering pumpkin!

WEDNESDAY. I participated in a healthy eating session with a small group of young adult carers. They were great, and we cooked enthusiastically together. Chicken and vegetable wraps together with vegetable laden pizzas were cooked and eaten together. Instead of feeling like a slumbering pumpkin I definitely felt more like a dinosaur trying to explain the concept of seasonal food! It went a bit like this “as a child growing up in the 60’s we only saw strawberries at the start of June through to the start of August, and then we didn’t see them until the following year”. It was quite a revelation to them, as was the tip to “peel” root ginger using a teaspoon. I aim to please….. even if I am a Tyrannosaurus!

THURSDAY. 36kg of haggis was delivered to the kennel from over the tartan border. There was the traditional offal’y variety, there was the vegetable variety, some to suit gluten free guests and of course the ceremonial chieftain haggis for the Selkirk Grace. Fridge space was rather tight with all these wee beasties taking up temporary residence.

FRIDAY. Sorrel, baby Doug and I headed out to pick up 50kg potatoes and 30kg swede. Thank you to Bob at Eastville Market for super fresh produce. I have to say though the potato type, Marfona sounded like some type of mini pill or Intrauterine Contraceptive Device! After our vegetable buying trip we headed to nearby St Werburgh’s City Farm for a coffee. Doug was fascinated by the goats, ducks, black hairy pigs and a large rook. The cafe is definitely worth a visit. We shared Beetroot, chocolate & beer cake gloriously eaten with some good cappuccino’s. We were fortified ready for the mammoth two day peeling and mashing session!

SATURDAY. 50kg potatoes peeled & mashed. Tick. 30kg swede peeled & bashed. Tick. 9 trays of brownie baked. Tick. Let the Rock Pipes Burns Night begin. It was a culinary killer. Thanks to lovely, lovely friends who pitched in to help get hot food out to the 160 paying guests. Everybody seemed to have a fabulous time. I even managed to summon up the courage to hit the stage to promote the raffle which raised an amazing £341 for Young Carer’s “Christmas in a Box”. Rock Pipes did their final set with everyone on the dance floor for an Abba medley, 500 miles and of course YMCA! Auld Lang Syne sent everyone on their way with 50 kg chappit tatties, 36kg haggis, 30kg bashed neeps and a wee dram of whisky in their tummies.

SUNDAY. I woke up feeling as if every bone in my body had been broken and then had been reset really badly! How can vegetables do that?! I’m simply too old for this catering malarkey.

So yes, that was the week that was. After a day of washing up yesterday I am trying to be kind to myself and to let my burnt and chapped hands recover. Still on a vegetable theme I have some lovely vintage fabric titled “Sweetcorn” to be made into a blind for Sorrel & Pete. Some quiet therapeutic sewing should get my aching bones sorted.

A million thanks to my lovely girls who were magnificent in the kitchen and to all those who helped without asking. I have some truly gorgeous friends. Thank you.

PS I picked up a great tip from Sorrel (old dogs really can learn new tricks!) To strip Thyme of it’s leaves poke the woody stalk through a hole in a wire sieve. Pull the stalk and voila the leaves are left in the sieve. Have you any canny tips to pass on I wonder? Please tell all.

Table Veg',Rocking Dog

Table Veg’

Greenhouse Veg',Rocking Dog

Greenhouse Veg’

The Pigs' Pigs,Rocking Dog

The Pigs’ Pigs

Seasonal Fruit &..,Rocking Dog

Seasonal Fruit &..

Seasonal Veg',Rocking Dog

Seasonal Veg’

Veggie Cake!,Rocking Dog

Veggie Cake!

For Chappit Tatties,Rocking Dog

For Chappit Tatties

Let 'em Eat Haggis!, Rocking Dog

Let ’em Eat Haggis!

Vintage Veg' Fabric,Rocking Dog

Vintage Veg’ Fabric

Wrapping up In September!

Take The Host Supplies!, Rocking Dog

Take The Host Supplies!

Gifts to wrap in September and as per usual no shop bought wrapping paper to be had in the Rocking Dog kennel!

Andyman was staying overnight with a couple somewhere Up North and he needed a house gift. We decided on a jar of my Bloomsbury marmalade and some breakfast components. In M & S I gathered together breakfast tea, posh muesli, waffles, farmhouse butter and pancakes. At home I needed to decide how to best package the edibles. I wasn’t going to be there to berate Andyman when he crushed the package on the trains overhead baggage shelf- so something robust was needed!

I made a simple hessian bag with masculine ribbon handles (thank you Colin, Eastville Market). I roughly lined the bag with black tissue and assembled the foodie goodies. Lastly I added a label which was threaded with a strip of jolly red & white gingham. Obviously you could change the contents by adding in homemade muffins etc.. For an afternoon tea gift you could put together boxed tea, freshly baked scones, jam, clotted cream and cakes. The bag could be made out of pretty Chintz or Toile de Jouy tied with ribbon. The possibilities are endless!

After sorting out the parcel for travelling up North, I got all papery with the other gifts. Fairy cake cases (so prefer the word fairy cake to cupcake!) are the basis for great rosette style labels. John Lewis, TK Maxx, supermarkets and Ikea all stock good and pretty selections. Vary sizes from muffin cases through to pretty little petit four cases and Pritt your selection together. Add Ribbon streamers and stamp out card circles using a circular paper cutter or cut by hand (tricky to get a good edge). Write your greeting by hand, printing or stamping and stick your label in the centre of your fairy cake rosette. Simple, cheap and effective.

I was watching the news yesterday morning and I was listening to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker setting out plans to try and resolve the desperate migrant crisis. I discussed with Andyman just how amazing it must be to be so intelligent, and after a quick moment of contemplation I said ” but I bet he couldn’t put together a fairy cake case rosette!

Another parcel got the doilieyana treatment (don’t get muddled with Dollyana!) I wrapped a parcel in plain tissue paper and small coloured doilies (these were reduced ones found in John Lewis). I added some Indian braid (try Colin, another market trader, or fly to Mumbai) and a stamped luggage label. Other gifts were wrapped up in the latest copy of M & S “Adventures In FOOD” together with some rustic parcel twine.

September wrapped up!

Foodie Booty!, Rocking Dog

Foodie Booty!

Bag Ingredients, Rocking Dog

Bag Ingredients

Filled & Ready, Rocking Dog

Filled & Ready

Doileyana!, Rocking Dog


Fairy Cake Label, Rocking Dog

Fairy Cake Label

Best In Show, Rocking Dog

Best In Show

Rocking Dog Loves Markets!

Bucket of Wools, Rocking Dog

Bucket of Wools

This morning I had an early start taking Real Life Rocking Dog off to be expensively coiffured, and a trip to see Colin at Eastville Market,for haberdashery.

I am currently making some draw string bags made from some vintage table-linen. With embroidered palm trees, exotic flora, straw huts and charming little figures these bags will be perfect for packing holiday essentials for the beach.

Colin’s eclectic stall provided ribbons for drawstrings, and I couldn’t resist some extra thick bakers twine, some lovely Scandinavian inspired braid and kitsch wedding cake decorations. You never know quite what you’ll find – it depends on Colin’s latest round of wheeling and dealing! With ribbons at around 30p a metre and Indian glitzy braids at £1 metre it’s worth taking a look. And of course if you need suspender replacements, bra extenders, knicker elastic and bobbins Colin is your man!

Sewing is to resume shortly, balmy looking bags for forthcoming balmy summer days.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday Colin!

Balmy Bags, Rocking Dog

Balmy Bags

Colin's Bazaar, Rocking Dog

Colin’s Bazaar

Spinning Yarns, Rocking Dog

Spinning Yarns

Button Up, Rocking Dog

Button Up

This n' That, Rocking Dog

This n’ That

Eclectic Stock, Rocking Dog

Eclectic Stock