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Money Through The Letterbox Please!

Wheelbarrow Fruits, Rocking Dog

Wheelbarrow Fruits

Last week I took a friend for tea in the beautiful Wiltshire village of Lacock. This picturesque little place is well renowned for being the perfect place to film a good drama. Therefore the film crews of Cranford, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Downton Abbey, and Harry Potter have all rolled into town at one point or other.

Lacock was mentioned in the Domesday Book and its famous Abbey was established in 1232. In the Middle Ages it had a thriving wooden industry. The dissolution of the monasteries in Henry VIII’s reign had a serious effect on the village. In 1944 the Abbey and the village almost in its entirety were bequeathed to the National Trust.

Unlike many English villages struggling to keep its village pub, shop, post office or bus service Lacock is thriving. Many tourists flock to the village because of its film connections. There is a village shop, a pottery, a jeweller, pubs, tea rooms, bakery and NT shop amongst other commercial interests.

Even more quaint is the entrepreneurial spirit of the villagers. Plants, books, meringues, courgettes, summer fruits, lavender were all to be bought from flagstoned doorsteps. There were bags kindly supplied for customers booty and instructions for payment.

I loved the wheelbarrow with its punnet’s of freshly picked soft fruits. Most mornings I enjoy seasonal fruit to eat with granola or bircher muesli. Berries chosen, it was time to push coins through a very snappy little letterbox. I could get used to this sort of shopping!

Is this wheelbarrow selling a very British phenomenon I wonder.

There was time for tea in the very beautiful garden at King John’s Hunting Lodge and then a further stroll. The last pitstop was at Sue Stokes Decorative Antiques in West Street. Sue has a truly beautiful little shop with such unusual stock, a tiny leather child’s glove, silver milagro’s, religious figurines, even a straw bra! I will be back.

Lacock is delightful and of course there is always Corsham, a short drive away. There has been much excitement in the town because scenes for the recent Poldark series have been filmed there…..not Cornwall at all!

Wheelbarrow Stall, Rocking Dog

Wheelbarrow Stall

Courgette Glut, Rocking Dog

Courgette Glut

Lacock Letterbox, Rocking Dog

Lacock Letterbox

Plant Sale, Rocking Dog

Plant Sale

Money Plant, Rocking Dog

Money Plant

Any Flowers For Sale?, Rocking Dog

Any Flowers For Sale?

Scented Sell, Rocking Dog

Scented Sell

For Bookworms, Rocking Dog

For Bookworms

Time For Tea, Rocking Dog

Time For Tea

A Yummy Salad For The Weekend

Summer Yumminess! , Rocking Dog

Summer Yumminess!

Sometimes it’s very easy to get into a rut with cooking and eating. Same old, same old! Last weekend I spotted a yummy salad recipe in Saturday’s Food section of the Guardian. It fulfilled the criteria of being quick to prepare, healthy, and importantly did not have a Domesday sized list of ingredients.

Thankfully I remembered Suzanne Anderegg’s recipe for Butternut squash, feta and raspberry salad before the papers reached the recycling bin.

The gist of the recipe is roasted butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, salad leaves, broad beans, feta and raspberries. A zesty lemon and mint dressing completes this main course salad. My mother in law at times is somewhat perplexed that I am not putting meat and two veg’ in front of her son. Very probably she gets more disgusted that he often chooses to cook. Stereotypes indeed still sadly exist!

Back to this very yummy salad. As ever I put my own slant on the dish (I hate the word twist!) Therefore, I replaced broad beans with inexpensive locally grown asparagus. I am conscious of food miles and do try to buy local seasonal food where possible. It’s often cheaper and tastes infinitely better.

This salad was easy to prepare and very delicious. I think it helped that we were still able to sit in our dusky garden to eat it at 9pm. Bliss.

This would be a great salad to serve up with barbecued meats. Here I feel another stereotype coming on…. men standing around BBQ with beers in hand, women indoors getting to grips with salads, bread, pudding, plates, napkins, kids and burn plasters etc…etc…! Ring any bells?! I have to say Andyman really despises BBQ’s, he so wants to dispel the myth that it’s the only cooking that the male species is capable of!

Salad eaten, I was careful to quickly cut out the now tried and tested recipe and to file it in my trusty recipe folder. Good job!

Whatever the weekend brings I hope it’s a good one for you all, and that the sun carries on shining. Love Rocking Dog x

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly!, Rocking Dog

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

The Recipe, Rocking Dog

The Recipe

Finished Result, Rocking Dog

Finished Result