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A New Year- A New Rocking Dog Quilt

Rocking Dog Loves Pattern!, Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Loves Pattern!

Yes, the new year has brought with it the quilt making bug! So, a new Rocking Dog quilt is in the making.

As ever, I am using fabrics from material mountain. Many of the fabrics I have stashed are vintage finds, whilst others have been found in the remnant bins of shops such as John Lewis. Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to find some gorgeous Designer’s Guild velvet banded silks and embroidered linens for £3.95 a generous piece! For this latest quilt I will just need to go out and buy backing fabric and cotton wadding. I love to use pillow ticking or ginghams for backing and framing my patchwork. Ikea, John Lewis and Laura Ashley all carry a good selection of ginghams.

Thus far I have selected fabrics, cut 22cm squares (using cutting mat, template, ruler and rotary cutter) and laid out my fabrics (eight squares x nine squares). I have gathered my patchwork rows together and clipped them together with bulldog clips. These neat piles now expectantly wait on my work bench. Beloved Bernina will soon be whirring away to make the quilt a reality. I will sew to Future Islands.

Some of the squares have vintage lace to attach and then I will sew the squares in each row together. Rows completed, I will press the seams of each square before embarking on sewing the rows together. It all grows very quickly. Further along the line I will enjoy sewing vintage buttons onto the quilt. These little beauties will not only be decorative, but will help secure the layers of the quilt together. One of the last jobs will be to sew a suitable verse or quote to the quilt. I hope i’ll think of something beautifully suitable.

I know many of you will worry about my lack of colour and pattern control, but after all it is horses for courses as they say!

Watch this space for the finished article.

PS. Is there anyone out there up for going to see Rick Astley in Bath 14th April? (is this a very sad request!?) x

Fabric Selection, Rocking Dog

Fabric Selection

Tools Of The Trade, Rocking Dog

Tools Of The Trade

Pieces Cut, Rocking Dog

Pieces Cut

Rows 1 To 9, Rocking Dog

Rows 1 To 9

Sew On Detail, Rocking Dog

Sew On Detail

Jumping Way Ahead!, Rocking Dog

Jumping Way Ahead!

A 2015 Quilt, Rocking Dog

A 2015 Quilt

Think Backing Fabric, Rocking Dog

Think Backing Fabric

Think New Verse, Rocking Dog

Think New Verse

Inspired Summer Gift Wrapping

Jolly Jar, Rocking Dog

Jolly Jar

A few more inspired summer gift wrapping ideas from Rocking Dog.

I have loved the July issue of M & S’s freebie food paper. The lovely large sheets have given me a wonderful cache of paper for wrapping gifts, making envelopes and images to cut out for gift tags etc.. I particularly liked the page with the fish and chip illustration, can’t you just smell the vinegar soaked newspaper! Effective gift wrapping for free. I’m sure if someone you knew received a parcel like this, they wouldn’t think cheapskate, they’d think how wonderfully stylish!

The Jolly Jar is a Bonne Maman jam jar which I have frou’d with fabric, ribbon, and up-cycled elephant and ballerina. I have filled mine with mini marshmallows and a token for a zoo trip. You could fill one with popcorn and cinema ticket or sewing paraphernalia and gift voucher for “The Makery” etc.. Another idea for simple “wrapping” for a child’s gift, is to sew bags from fabric oddments. Add ribbon handles and a pretty patch feature. My piggy and duck came from Designer’s Guild off cuts from nursery curtains made for my youngest many moons ago. Andyman was still madly wallpapering when my labour was in full throttle!

Summery tags are made using snippets from “Country Living”, luggage labels and twine. I have used stamps and ink pad to add sentiments to the tags.

Lavender is ready to be harvested, it can be dried and used to make gorgeous scented gifts. Oatmeal and lavender can be used to fill little muslin pillows, add strings so that they can be hung from the hot bath tap. This will give you the most aromatic and silky skinned bathe! Lavender can fill fabric hearts to scent clothes and keep moths at bay. Lastly, wrap lavender soaps in hessian, add a ribbon and fresh lavender stalks. No Sellotape required!

Here endeth the sermon on simple, cost effective and stylish wrapping and gift ideas.

Hope this is the start of a lovely week for you all.

Frouing Essentials, Rocking Dog

Frouing Essentials

M & S Wrapping, Rocking Dog

M & S Wrapping

Good Enough To Eat!, Rocking Dog

Good Enough To Eat!

Party Spots, Rocking Dog

Party Spots

Summery Tags, Rocking Dog

Summery Tags

Lavender Love, Rocking Dog

Lavender Love