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A Showery But Lovely Weekend By The Sea

Anonymous Landscape Artist, Rocking Dog

Anonymous Landscape Artist

Friday, we decided to cut and run! We decided on a showery but lovely weekend by the sea. Why is it always so cossetingly attractive to keep returning to familiar well worn paths? Hence we found ourselves Bridport bound once again, eventually landing up at Highlands End, Eype with our darling Pod.

Real Live Rocking Dog became deliriously happy, well in a grumpy Fox Terrier sort of way when The Pod arrived on the driveway. He jumped in through its door and refused to budge! You almost sensed that he was thinking “Are we there yet?” before we’d even got on the road.

In due course we did arrive in beautiful lush and green Dorset and parked up with a sea view and drizzle. We ate in drizzle, drank a lovely bottle of red in drizzle, and chattered in drizzle…. but we really frankly did not drizzly care!

Saturday dawned bright, and got hotter by the hour. Breakfast for Real Live Rocking Dog when we are camping always means sausages and he couldn’t be happier!

One of the big attractions of being in Bridport is its lovely street market, so after RLR Dog had licked the last sausagey morsel from his lips, it was time for some alfresco retail. I bought a beautiful old sign “Quest Antiquities”, I simply loved the script. Further along we picked up some old wooden handled hoes to decorate the back fence. We passed the lovely Electric Palace theatre, which is so sweet. A few years ago Andyman and I enjoyed seeing The Proclaimers and Billy Bragg there (I’m ashamed to say we are Proclaimer groupies!) Outside the Arts Centre I spied The Flowerfield stall. Beautiful country flowers, lupins, scented sweet peas, poppies and other floral loveliness, all grown on a one acre patch in Ottery St Mary, Devon. I love the whole philosophy of the slow flower movement, sustainable flowers without all the flower miles. A beautiful website Claire, truly florally yummy! Onto West Street I bought mightily healthy cottage garden plants from Charlotte Pitman’s stall. Into the newly dug border they will go this week, and who knows I may be cutting flowers from my disorderly patch later this summer!

After a coffee, Andyman had endured enough retail therapy (or misery!) and decided to take Real Live Rocking Dog on a coastal walk to West Bay and over the cliffs to Eype. I meanwhile rediscovered Butterfly Boho who do a mix of good quality pre-owned clothes and a range of new linen pieces. Lovely. Back to the old, I headed to Old Albion, which is a treasure trove of eclectic pieces- fairground sideshows, old wash tubs, neon signs and other kitschness! I just think I may have found my dog friendly vintage flooring there….. now just where is my tape measure?!

The afternoon was spent with young blood. I popped into see Charlie, a schoolfriend of Sorrel’s who has created a truly vibrant home for her family in Bridport. She is able to create wonderful montages, tableau’s, shelves and walls with not a lot of money but with an imaginative and inventive brain. I loved her blackboard walls, but wondered whether I could get away with scribing “Reminder: flea & worming treatment” attractively in chalk! In with all this creativity and motherly love, Charlie is a trainee midwife, a good one i’m sure. Hugs, chat and tea drunk, it was time to bid adieu and to rejoin the exhausted man and his dog!

A less drizzly meal was eaten before heading onto the beach at Eype. I loved the anonymous pebble artwork. It reminded me of the numerous pebble piles that we spotted when we were at the top of Norway. The cliffs were beautiful with a gentle cloak of mauvey-pink Saxifrage, Red Campion, swathes of grasses and yellow flag Iris’s. Rabbits were enjoying the burgeoning vegetation and were far too quick for Real Live Rocking Dog’s attempts to “play”.

Snuggled up, it rained torrentially seemingly the whole night long. How I love the sound of rain splashing on a caravan roof. It reminds me of our childhood caravan sited at Brean. I remember the sleeping bags, the gas lights with net mantles and the rain noisily plopping whilst we were snugly tucked up.

So the first camping trip of the year now done, it is time to look to pastures new…. Dungeness, Lewes, Arundel, the Mumbles … but there again I can hear Dorset calling us back!

PS. Message for little Devon, hope you are feeling so much better x

Are We There Yet?, Rocking Dog

Are We There Yet?

Sail Away, Rocking Dog

Sail Away

Andyman's Best Friend, Rocking Dog

Andyman’s Best Friend

Bridport Market, Rocking Dog

Bridport Market

Plant Life, Rocking Dog

Plant Life

Butterfly Boho Linens, Rocking Dog

Butterfly Boho Linens

The Flowerfield, Rocking Dog

The Flowerfield

Electric Palace, Rocking Dog

Electric Palace

Old Albion, Rocking Dog

Old Albion

Charlie's Minimalist Life, Rocking Dog

Charlie’s Minimalist Life

Lovely Charlie Shelves, Rocking Dog

Lovely Charlie Shelves

Bristol Bound Boo Hoo!,  Rocking Dog

Bristol Bound Boo Hoo!

Weekend Postcard From Devon

Coastal Flora, Rocking Dog

Coastal Flora

Having a grand time in Devon. Rainy trip down but would you credit it, the sun came out just as we set up camp. Very nice campsite called Karrageen. Clean facilities and helpful respectable owners. They even ordered fresh bread and pastries for our breakfast. In the evening we strolled down the mile or so to Hope Cove. We had a grand slap up meal in the Hope and Anchor and watched the sun begin to set. In the morning we headed off to see Burgh Island and it’s art deco hotel. What a posh hotel- I bet that hotel has seen a thing or two! Edward and Mrs Simpson stayed there before they got married (tut tut!) and Agatha Christie even set two of her books there. We walked up to the top of the island and saw the little ruined chapel which became the huers hut. Fishermen would “hue and cry” down to fishermen in the sea below if they saw a shoal of pilchards (reminds me of scenes in Poldark). Of course everything’s been overfished now. Oh I do love some pilchards on toast! Well we didn’t get anything to eat on the island, the miserable hotel owners have banned picnicking- it’s a travesty! Would you believe it that by the time we walked back down the hill the tide had come in. We had to roll up our trousers and paddle back. The blooming dog didn’t like the swim and tried to drink the water. I’d have loved to have gone back in the old sea tractor, but think that’s reserved for hotel guests just like the heli-pad! The sun was blazing and we headed to Salcombe, my what a busy little town and it’s not even high summer. We sat on a bench and watched all the toings and froings of the boats, and being so hot we had to sample the Salcombe ice cream, grand! Stopped in at Kingsbridge today, a pleasant little town with quaint buildings. Driving rain, so we decided to call it a day. By the time you get this we’ll be back home. Hope you are feeling a bit more chipper and that you’re getting out and about. See you for tea and a chin-wag soon.L, A and the exhausted dog x
PS. Was going to buy you clotted cream but thought it would be off before I saw you.

I tried to write this in the style of my late grandmother Nellie, leaving out all the various health issues and negativity. Actually Nellie’s postcard would have probably gone- “Having nice time, legs not playing up too much, cold much better. bit too hot for my liking. Back Friday, I hope you are remembering to water the garden. New tablets working. Grandma x”

It was a lovely weekend in a truly lovely part of England.

Sunny Hope Cove, Rocking Dog

Sunny Hope Cove

Burgh Island Hotel, Rocking Dog

Burgh Island Hotel

Deco Metalwork, Rocking Dog

Deco Metalwork

Hue & Cry, Rocking Dog

Hue & Cry

Sea Tractor, Rocking Dog

Sea Tractor

Exhausted Doggy, Rocking Dog

Exhausted Doggy