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Rocking Dog Resurrects An Ancient Skirt

The 30 Year Old Skirt!, Rocking Dog

The 30 Year Old Skirt!

In pursuit of finding lining material for Christmas stockings on Material Mountain, Rocking Dog came across a long forgotten skirt. Put on my material stash to up-cycle, memories came flooding back of how much i’d loved the skirt when I bought it in 1986! I remember buying it in a dark and rather dingy basement store in Park Street, Bristol. Ever the bargain queen I bought it from a massively reduced sale rail, together with a dress (which awaits its fate on Material Mountain). I can’t remember how much I paid for them. Ever camera shy no photo’s exist of me in the skirt, but I do have a photo of me in the dress enjoying the Italian Lakes with a bonneted 3 month old Sorrel!

British born Wendy Dagworthy had her own design label until 1988 when the recession hit. She went on to be a tutor at Central St Martins and then a Professor at the Royal College of Art until retiring in 2014. Many of her clothes utilised Liberty print and my skirt incorporates Liberty lawn. The printed fabric is loosely gathered to a broad stretchy cotton welt. If I remember correctly my skirt is actually a dress, the welt forming a “boob tube”. However, in my ownership it has always been a long skirt.

So much has happened to me personally in the thirty years since I bought this skirt. Three children, six house moves (including a move from abroad and a house build), numerous jobs (midwife, school nurse, outreach worker, teacher, catering company owner), 1 lovely husband, 1 grumpy dog, becoming an “orphan”, lots of travels and thankfully generally enjoying good health. Over that time I have gathered valuable life experience. I always say that I wish that at 20 something I could have known what I know now. My mantra includes, it’s not the quantity of friends that matters, it’s definitely the quality. Depression is a bitch! It’s knowing that the length of time grieving for someone is not quantifiable, but life invariably becomes sunny again. It’s being able to put things into perspective and working out what really is important. It’s always being open to learn and experience new things, because time, well it simply…… flies!

Back to the skirt, rather than being reconfigured into something else, it has found a place back in my wardrobe again, and i’m rather pleased!

PS A very rare photo once again… the first to appear on the blog since New Year!

Organised Material Mountain, Rocking Dog

Organised Material Mountain

1980's Label, Rocking Dog

1980’s Label