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Cake For The Prodigal Son

Cake for the boy!, Rocking Dog

Cake for the boy!

My boy is home today and so I baked cake. His favourite is Carrot Cake, so I took out my favourite recipe by good old Delia Smith.

Easy to make, quick to bake and very moist and yummy to eat, it’s a winner! The cakes are baked and on leaving the oven have a citrus syrup poured over. Having cooled they are turned out of their tins and filled and topped.

Ms Smiths recipe includes a topping made from fromage frais and mascarpone, together with a little sugar and cinnamon. In my experience this proves to be very runny, so I use mascarpone with some full fat cheese, sugar, cinnamon and a little finely grated orange zest. I stir the ingredients together carefully, rather than whisking.

Frouing is optional but I have used some clementine halves and fresh bay leaves.

There are a bunch of skiers who will also no doubt enjoy thick wedges of cake as they wend their way through France by train. Thus the cake tin will soon be empty once again!

Whatever your plans are for the weekend have a lovely time and wrap up warm. I’m dusting off my sledge in the hope there’ll be snow!

Coffee & Cake

Coffee & Cake

Prodigal Son Pie, Rocking Dog

Prodigal Son Pie