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Whimsical Advent Calendars

knitted elf advent calendar rocking dog

Knitted Elf

The time is NOW for advent calendars!

Totally unique Rocking Dog creations – a true labour of love. Take your pick from two designs, one featuring Emily Sutton’s Curiosity Shop fabric and the other featuring a jolly knitted elf and real gnarly branch. How Real Live Rocking Dog wanted those branches!
My brain is in Christmas overload at the moment and was SO sad when my festive Michael Buble CD refused to play in the car! That will teach me to attempt to play Christmas music before December. Growing up my mum allowed herself to put on Jim Reeves when advent doors started opening.

advent label rocking dog

Advent Label

curiosity shop advent calendar rocking dog

Curiosity Shop Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Crazy!

Pocket  Advent Calendar
Gone advent calendar crazy here! Yet to be made by the elves are T’was the Night Before Christmas calendars with cute little mice (sorry not made by Rocking Dog). I’m resisting putting Michael Buble on …. but it’s very hard!

Glove and Mittens

Glove and Mittens

...before Christmas

…before Christmas

Advent Calendar Making

Paper bag Advent.