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Bit Of A Vintage Week!

Luminous Mary's Praying For A Good Home, Rocking Dog

Luminous Mary’s Praying For A Good Home

Yesterday the hot weather bought with it a trip to the Frome Independent Market. Run on the first Sunday of the month from March through to December- it is FAB”! The streets were thronging with an assortment of amazing stalls selling delicious artisan foods, plants, crafts, vintage loveliness, handmade clothes etc.. etc…

A particular favourite with me was “The Bakemonger”, selling cakes that were worthy of their own art exhibition! Unfortunately my photo’s of anything Frome are few and far between- life was chaotically busy in its quirky hilly streets.

I enjoyed catching up with Michele of Cowboys and Custard again and bought some of her delightful little “lucky bags”. Filled with vintage twiddly bits I look forward to embellishing cards, parcels etc… with this batch of frou! Andyman and I also bought some old garden tools which we are going to use to decorate our new fence. It all looks rather too pristine at the present time, and as this area is eventually going to be a productive kitchen garden (!) we felt the tools appropriate in providing a sweet backdrop.

Apart from the wonderful stalls, the shops in Frome are worth visiting. I loved a shop called “Seed” selling beautiful jewellery, pottery, scarves etc…Whilst at the top end of the town there was a shop called “Life of Riley” with a cornucopia of eccentric junk.. loved the enamel bucket lamp shade! Meanwhile next door there was a TRULY fabulous vintage clothing emporium “Donna May Vintage”… yummy!

I’d have loved more time to browse, drink coffee, listen to the live music and to continue enjoying the buzz of this delightful market town. Oh well here’s to September!

Earlier in the week I visited Bradford on Avon, not a million miles away from Frome and there chanced on a lovely vintage clothes shop called Frank and Elsie.
I was hoping to finally get to Mr Salvat’s for coffee, but alas he was at market according to his sign! I love the rather Dickensian appearance of Mr Salvat’s door and hanging sign. I will need to come back on another occasion to acquaint myself with Mr Salvat and to sample his wares! Mr Salvat does appear to prefer his quill pen to the web- so no snazzy pictures of his breeches, garden or edible offerings.

Two very pretty towns both with historic links to the wool and weaving trade and both thriving with proudly independent shops and markets. Hallelujah!

Plastered!, Rocking Dog


Life Of Riley, Rocking Dog

Life Of Riley

C&C Lucky Bags, Rocking Dog

C&C Lucky Bags

Vintage Twiddly Bits!, Rocking Dog

Vintage Twiddly Bits!

Frank & Elsie, Rocking Dog

Frank & Elsie

Pom Pom Hat, Rocking Dog

Pom Pom Hat

Drat! It's Wednesday!, Rocking Dog

Drat! It’s Wednesday!

Dickensian Coffee, Rocking Dog

Dickensian Coffee

Good Knocker, Rocking Dog

Good Knocker