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The Quilt, Ready To Leave The Rocking Dog Kennel !

Coveted Cosy Cover, Rocking Dog

Coveted Cosy Cover

Yes finally, the very first quilt of 2016 is ready to leave the Rocking Dog kennel. Buttons sewn, edging attached and the quilt given its very own embroidered verse, this quilt will be hopefully soon adorning a bed in Plumstead.

I decided against adding the vintage braids, the quilt even by my eclectic standards was becoming too busy! How appropriate to be sewing the quilt with an episode of Little House On The Prairie! There was even a quilt hanging from a door in the Little House, not too disimilar from my folky number! When we did a holiday house exchange to Seattle we took a trip to Leavenworth, a town so totally unique and a MUST for lovers of Christmas. The town was struggling, and in 1962 the towns people came up with a cunning plan to reinvent itself as a Bavarian town. Christmas all the year round, and housing a Nutcracker Museum which boasts over 5,000 examples. It was all very surreal! Anyway, driving away from Leavenworth we drove through land which was so reminiscent of Little House on The Prairie. One day I would love to do a bit of an American road trip to better understand the hardships of those early pioneers driving from east to west. Until then, i’ll have to make do with Little House.. and The Waltons!

Back to the quilt, the hand embroidered verse came about after my daughter Sorrel was decrying the fact that she was going to have to seriously cull her books ready for a house move. Like me, she has amassed a sizeable collection of cookery tomes. I hope she won’t be too ruthless. I thought Flaubert’s quote summed up Sorrel’s love of books and penchant for pickles. I am sure Sorrel’s husband too will have to consider a cull of all his beloved cycling magazines, Incidently, he likes pickles too!

As expected I was a little over ambitious regarding how many little projects I was going to complete. Ticked off the list are the quilt and my velvet jacket to bling. So the lanterns to paint, and dog bed cover still to sew, await my attention… maybe this week.

I don’t know when the next wave of quilting bodgery will wash over me, but I think my sore fingers need a little rest from ALL those buttons!

Have an enjoyable week ahead. Love Rocking Dog x

Patchwork Stash, Rocking Dog

Patchwork Stash

Once Just Pieces, Rocking Dog

Once Just Pieces

Then It Was Sewn, Rocking Dog

Then It Was Sewn

Embroidered Quilt Quote For A Future Home, Rocking Dog

Embroidered Quilt Quote For A Future Home

Labelled & Somewhere To Go, Rocking Dog

Labelled & Somewhere To Go

Quilted Bale, Rocking Dog

Quilted Bale

Warming Comfort Food on the Stove!

Real Rocking Dog

Real Rocking Dog

With the expected frosty cold spell expected later this week it’s time to get the warming comfort food on the stove! I love Jane Lawson’s “Snow Flakes and Schnapps” – sorry for the grubby cover!
I always tell the kids that you can tell a favourite well used recipe book when the pages are stuck together! I’ve got a few sniff and lick books!!! Jane’s book is full of wintry recipes with unusual flavouring ingredients. My favourite thus far is her Meatballs with Vodka Dill Cream Sauce. Look out for it in TK Maxx – I have in the past seen the book heavily discounted. The illustrations are beautiful, I’m a sucker for a lovely picture!
The other gorgeous book is slightly more of a challenge because I think it’s Norwegian .. but I just put on my reindeer slippers, my long traditional apron and a Nordic blonde wig and pretend I am Norwegian. It’s amazing I think I can really read Norwegian! Cook to “The Snow” by Elgar – delicious music to have you crying into your meatballs!! Keep cosy like Real Live Rocking Dog.

Jane Lawson's Book

Jane Lawson’s Book

Bircher Pancakes

Bircher Pancakes

Winter Food

Winter Food