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Cheap Jewels Old & New!

Vintage Baubles!, Rocking Dog

Vintage Baubles!

I was on a mission to buy gifts but found myself drawn to venturing into “Top Shop” for a reccy . I know that the young ones think it’s a haunt solely for them, and true I would not look good in play-suits, hot pants, or a pleather mini ….but I love Top Shop! I have bought a great dog tooth linen coat and a fab’ textured jacket there (sshh! don’t tell my niece, she’s got the same one and it’s not exactly cool that her middle aged aunt has one too!). I never pay full price, patiently waiting for coveted items to hopefully appear on clearance rails.

This time I found jewels. You know my motto, more is more, so I layered a number of necklaces together until enough was enough! All were reduced and came to a grand total of £10. Result! They will look great on my perennial winter black “uniform” or indeed against the summer white linen (which will soon be destined for winter storage). Well chosen accessories, be it jewellery or scarf can really make the difference to an outfit, adding colour, personality and pazazz.

Other cheap jewels in my hoard are older. I am a real coward and I cannot bear the prospect of having my ears re-pierced, so, I have a collection of clip-on earrings. My girls find it quite incredulous that I will not rise to the challenge of the piercing gun when i’ve endured operations, donated my bone marrow (twice) and gone white water rafting! I love my clumpy clip-ons and particularly love my beaded knitted ? 60’s ones that I bought in Leeds. It was the same day that I was in a vintage shop with Ricky Wilson… swoon!

In the course of my recent redecorating escapade I re-found a dress which had been my Mum’s. I’m sure this psychedelic number would have been adorned with strings of 60’s plastic beads and clumpy earrings. I vividly remember my mum making this dress, originally it was ankle length with side slits and she wore it with plaited gold sling back sandals. The amazing fabric I rather think came from a shop in City Road, Bristol. We nicknamed the retail establishment the cat pee shop, it indeed did have a very overpowering characteristic odour! This was a dress for going to a 60’s party in. Think Cheese Footballs, Twiglets and Cinzano!

Holidays as a child were quite often taken in static caravans and my Mum would sometimes take her Singer sewing machine with her. She’d run up clothes, curtains and bridesmaid dresses. She must have cursed the fact that my sister and I were bridesmaids three times. Each wedding required an intricate lined dress in varying 60’s/70’s styles and hues.

Back to jewels, I am a girl of simple tastes and pleasures!

Top Shop Treasure, Rocking Dog

Top Shop Treasure

Mish-Mash Bling!, Rocking Dog

Mish-Mash Bling!

Top Shop Pearls, Rocking Dog

Top Shop Pearls

Beaded Tat!, Rocking Dog

Beaded Tat!

Now..What Jewels .., Rocking Dog

Now..What Jewels ..

French Camping 1970's, Rocking Dog

French Camping 1970’s