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New Season Seville Oranges,Yay!

Bowl Of Vitamin C,Rocking Dog

Bowl Of Vitamin C

The new season Seville oranges arrived on my doorstep on Tuesday. On Saturday they were magic’d into deliciously bitter marmalade. Hopefully the kennel will have a large enough supply to last out until next years transient Seville season.

I elected to use the recipe in my Bloomsbury Cookbook by Jans Ondaatje Rolls. The Marmalade recipe is one scribbled onto a piece of paper by Roger Fry. Fry was an artist, critic and lecturer. He is particularly remembered for bringing
Post-Impressionism to Britain and founding the Omega Workshops. It seems that he also made exceedingly good marmalade!

After leaving the sliced oranges to soak in water for 24 hours, a boil up and then a further soak it was finally time to marmalade!

The filled jars await labels, and a cool dark place to call home.

Despite the winter greyness, I wish you a very happy productive week. Love Rocking Dog x

Delivered To The Door,Rocking Dog

Delivered To The Door

Perfect Peel,Rocking Dog

Perfect Peel

Marmalade Recipe,Rocking Dog

Marmalade Recipe

Orange Anatomy,Rocking Dog

Orange Anatomy

Peel & Pips,Rocking Dog

Peel & Pips

In The Jar,Rocking Dog

In The Jar