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A Rocking Dog Hedgerow Wreath

Rustic Wreath, Rocking Dog

Rustic Wreath

Summer is slowly turning to autumn with a plethora of ripening berries in the English hedgerows. Every year I like to deck the door with a simple autumnal wreath. It starts with a bog standard wire coat hanger and thin wire to secure the foraged booty. Ribbon, raffia, string or fabric strip can be added for a final flourish.

If you like your wreath to stay fresh looking, use a well soaked moss covered oasis wreath circle. I don’t mind mine drying and curling at the edges. I am ever hopeful birds and other wildlife will enjoy the spoils of my wreath. A frost covered cobweb would be magical running through the wreaths centre!

I collected bullace branches, laurel berries, haws, rose-hips, elder berries, blackberries along my usual down the rabbit hole walk with Real Live Rocking Dog. Nearly home, I picked teasels and cow parsley seed heads in the sun dappled field. Reddening Virginia creeper, Old Man’s Beard and copper beech would work well too. Avoid using holly, pine-cones and Ivy otherwise your wreath will look a little Christmassy! Sorry I just couldn’t help myself with that last link!

To make the wreath, I bent the coat hanger into a rough circle, leaving the hook in place (useful for hanging your finished wreath). I then took the branches laden with bullaces and engineered them around the wire circle. I secured them into place with small pieces of thin wire. Always use wire snips, I have damaged more pairs of scissors than I care to remember. I would have been quite happy to hang my wreath at this point- it looked simply lovely.

I added more of my foraged flora, again wiring it as I went. Uniformity has never really entered my world so I wasn’t concerned that one side had rose-hips and the other didn’t etc.. The kids always laugh when I tell them that I want “She liked nothing in straight lines” as my epitaph! Obviously if you want to take a more symmetrical approach that is absolutely fine.

I debated as to whether to use the teasels. Dried flowers and seed heads conjure up horrible memories of seedy Bed & Breakfasts and half baked tea rooms for me! How often have you had to endure dusty wicker baskets full of well past their sell by date dried niff naff ?! The memories are interjected with Bri Nylon sheets in vulgar 70’s colours, firework pattern carpets and Variety cereal packs. There are also memories of seaside craft shops with teasels made into creatures with mop caps and floral aprons! After deliberation the teasels did end up making the harsh selection process.

I finished my wreath with a vintage brown ribbon.. nah! a green gingham ribbon… nah!… and finally I settled for a tiny strip of frayed hessian.
A little bit of primping followed and Voila!

A seasonal wreath made for literally nothing.. and something to make your door and more importantly, your visitors feel loved and cherished!

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