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Wishing Myself Cold With Christmas Dec’s!

Sugar Plum Ballerina's, Rocking Dog

Sugar Plum Ballerina’s

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not the greatest lover of hot temperatures. Thus, poor Andyman is subjected to taking holidays with me in November, or to places with Arctic climates. However, in March 2016 I am putting myself through a hot adventure and I sincerely hope that I will live to tell the tale! Maybe this current heatwave provides me with the perfect opportunity to try and acclimatise. Thank you to Wendy at Dorchester Travel for building our itinerary, and booking what hopefully will be a truly memorable experience. Bless You!

Yesterday I tried to wish myself cold with tackling some Christmas projects. I didn’t quite put Michael Buble on….. but.. I did rather yearn for the snow pictured in many of my Christmassy craft and cookery books I was pawing over.

Beautifully knitted Rowan wool fairy cakes (unfortunately not my handiwork) were in need of frouing with ballerina’s, gold thread and a sprinkling of fairy dust. Frouing completed they were then cosseted in sheets of snowy white tissue paper and were magic’d away until the festive season.

Of course Last Christmas many more of these sugar plum fairy cakes found their way onto the silver spoon tree (view the Rocking Dog Christmas archive posts). Happily, many found loving homes in London, Bath and Bristol away from that awful conifer!

Incidentally, the circus decorations are from the talented Dougie Scott, and of course they never get stashed away in the Christmas boxes.

So what cunning cold inducing plan will Rocking Dog come up with next?!

Gilding The Cherry!, Rocking Dog

Gilding The Cherry!

Embellished!, Rocking Dog


Last Christmas!, Rocking Dog

Last Christmas!

Ballerina Beauties!

Fairy lights
Once Upon a Time……there was a restless ballerina who decided it was high time to leave the bright lights of Jelly Mould City. She very soon joined her friends on the Silver Sugar Spoon Tree. Being a very rebellious ballerina she quickly was encouraging all her fellow ballerina’s to seek new homes on bedecked fir trees up and down the land.
Buy one of these ballerina beauties and you could continue this farcical but oh so real fairytale!!
Off to tramp down the Yellow Brick Road with real live Rocking Dog.

Fairycake Tree

Fairycake Tree

Fairy Cake

Fairy Cake