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Talking Food With Lovely Young Carer’s

Neat Apple Piles,Rocking Dog

Neat Apple Piles

What could be more lovely than talking food with lovely Young Carer’s. I love my time volunteering, this time I was asked to facilitate two healthy eating sessions for 18-26 year olds. I was delighted to be asked. The sessions are part of a Wellbeing course being run over the next six weeks. I quite fancy the Yoga, mindfulness and guided walk weeks!

We had a lovely time talking nutrition, how the group shopped, and top tips for cooking on a budget. The two hours flew! Obviously every good event deserves a goody bag. Dear neighbour Jenny asked me if I would like some apples on a recent visit. Starting to plan my Young Carer’s session I rather cheekily asked if I could indeed have apples for thirteen crumbles! Jenny so kindly obliged and we had a lovely time yesterday picking apples in glorious sunshine. Oats, brown sugar, wholemeal flour and margarine were weighed rather hurriedly and put into sewn paper pockets with the recipe attached. Voila! a DIY crumble pack.

Next week we will have fun in the kitchen cooking some nutritious wintry comfort food. Sorry to the chap who suggested steak, I don’t think the budget can quite stretch to that! I do so love my time with Young Carer’s and it’s a great organisation to be involved with.

On arriving back at the kennel I cleared the somewhat chaotic kitchen. Everywhere had a generous dusting of flour, oats and sugar! I rather disconcertingly came upon one solitary bag of Flour/oats. Oops! I rather hope everyone has got a bag of crumble mix. Apple puree anyone?!

Apple Harvest,Rocking Dog

Apple Harvest

Pick Me!,Rocking Dog

Pick Me!

Tea Towel Recipe,Rocking Dog

Tea Towel Recipe

DIY Crumble Pack,Rocking Dog

DIY Crumble Pack

Crumble In A Teacup,Rocking Dog

Crumble In A Teacup

Apples To Decorate,Rocking Dog

Apples To Decorate

Harvesting Apples For A Crumbly Gift

Apple Harvest, Rocking Dog

Apple Harvest

Rocking Dog has been harvesting apples for a crumbly gift. A tea towel with a printed recipe for apple crumble provided the inspiration for a foodie gift. A rustic ovenproof dish was filled with all the ingredients to concoct the seasonal pud’. I wrapped the dish in the tea towel and tied the bundle with some chequerboard woven ribbon. A large oak spoon completed the gift together with an accompanying hessian sack of rosy apples.

Of course the gift could be tweaked for a reluctant cook. The crumble could be lovingly made, bundled and gifted. An indulgent carton of clotted cream could be handed to the recipient, and would undoubtedly be the cherry on the cake!

The apple harvest offers the opportunity to make a plethora of divine cakes, puddings, salads and preserves this sunny autumn.

Happy gathering!

Tea Towel TK Maxx

Main picture backdrop-“Mark Hearld’s Workbook,” and bird and rabbit cards also by Mark Hearld

Rosy Bowl, Rocking Dog

Rosy Bowl

Recipe Tea Towel, Rocking Dog

Recipe Tea Towel

Gift Wrapped, Rocking Dog

Gift Wrapped

Vintage Apple Mugs, Rocking Dog

Vintage Apple Mugs

Umbrian Harvest, Rocking Dog

Umbrian Harvest

Rocking Dog Cake, Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Cake

Hambrook Harvest,Rocking Dog

Hambrook Harvest

The Crumble, Rocking Dog

The Crumble

Another Apple Delight, Rocking Dog

Another Apple Delight

Yay! Comfort Food For The Cold Snap

Anyone For Luscious Sticky Toffee Pudding?, Rocking Dog

Anyone For Luscious Sticky Toffee Pudding?

Yay! The cold weather is on its way with the hope that the Noah’s Ark style rain and grey flooding misery will subside. Celebrate a crisp white frost this weekend with warming comfort food.

Simon Hopkinson’s Sticky Toffee Pudding is seriously good and SERIOUSLY calorific! I love the puddings baked in empty syrup tins (the small ones!) Meanwhile crumbles are an easy pudding to throw together and a myriad of fruits can be used. Rhubarb and stem ginger is a gorgeous combination. Chop your rhubarb into 3-4 cm sticks and create a thick layer of fruit in an oven proof dish. Roughly chop two or three balls of stem ginger and sprinkle over the rhubarb together with some of the stem ginger syrup. Sprinkle over some caster sugar before topping with your favourite crumble mixture. Porridge oats or a handful of museli give added texture to the crumble. Apple crumble is always a favourite in our household and the boy loves it particularly if it has a dollop of Dulce Leche under its crumble blanket! Tut,tut! Large white coffee cups make great individual crumble bakers.

All this talk of hot comfort puddings and I have a handful of fresh raspberries ready to be picked in the garden together with some rhubarb. What a mad season! British asparagus is going to be cropping very early and the growers are expecting two harvests despite the cold blowing on in.

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it’s happy, you stay cosy and you allow yourself to indulge in hot luscious yumminess!

Apples For........, Rocking Dog

Apples For……..

...Crumble!, Rocking Dog


Heart Warming Soup, Rocking Dog

Heart Warming Soup

January Raspberries And...,Rocking Dog

January Raspberries And…

...Rhubarb!, Rocking Dog


Gushing Water Everywhere, Rocking Dog

Gushing Water Everywhere