Stupendous Supermarket Style!

Stupendous Supermarket Style!, Rocking Dog

Stupendous Supermarket Style!

It has been widely reported that of late we as a nation have been shopping very differently. Apparently more of us are doing smaller, more frequent trips to the supermarket and less of the marathon trawls in huge superstores. Of course more of us are doing online shopping to avoid altogether the misery of supermarket trips. I am very embarrassed to say that a few years ago when I was teaching Home Economics to A Level students in a Bristol School, I spoke about online shopping, whilst secretly thinking “this will never catch on!”

Regarding my own shopping habits, I haven’t given over control to order pickers, mainly because i’m a self confessed control freak! I therefore battle on with shopping as infrequently as possible! I am now a pretty committed Lidl shopper, having previously been a loyal Sainsbury’s customer. Smaller shops, smaller bills, and better bread have influenced my change.

Lidl often has some pretty spectacular product events. One week you can purchase a horse blanket and jodhpurs, another week everything you’d need to go off snorkelling or sawing down trees! This week it’s performance running gear…. ashamedly I gave the aisle a wide berth!

Yesterday I headed to Sainsbury’s and decided to make a rare trip around the “Tu” clothing rails. I chanced on some fabulous embroidered PJ’s. Heavily embroidered in citric green these lovelies would easily pass for something that you’d pick up and put down quickly due to the hefty price tag in Anthropologie. These Sainsbury’s PJ’s came to £18. I really adore embroidery and covet my Indian wedding arches, saris and French monogrammed smocks.

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are planning to do.

PS Price flash- British butter in Lidl 49p (250g)

I Love This, Rocking Dog

I Love This

......And This, Rocking Dog

……And This

......And This!, Rocking Dog

……And This!

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