Spare a Thought for Pumpkins!

Pumpkin Soup
Spare a thought for pumpkins! The shops are full of pumpkins in readiness for Halloween. I feel sorry for this species, they are often carved into some ghoulish creation, stuffed with tea lights for one night and then simply discarded. Whilst in New Zealand we were guests of the ancestors of our current home. Our hosts served up roasted wedges of pumpkin with the traditional Sunday roast…. delicious! Pumpkins can be made into a lovely soup but I don’t think i’ll ever love pumpkin pie (sorry American kissing cousins!) The book is an American party book (1963) and I love the Halloween pages. The gist of the editorial goes.. Little Jimmy helps his father carve the Jack o’ Lantern with a really sharp knife. Meanwhile little Milly makes popcorn balls with her mother before doing all the washing up…. well I might be embellishing slightly but Grrrrrrrrr! Have a wonderful weekend and pick up a pumpkin!

Pumpkins for cooking

Pumpkins for soup, not carving!

Vintage pumpkin fun

Vintage pumpkin fun

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