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Looking For New Homes, Rocking Dog

Looking For New Homes

Earlier in the week it was all about pickling and yesterday it was all about sewing. Beloved Bernina was rattling away on a secretive project, but NOT the wedding coat. I did however take the pattern to bed with me to gear myself up for what lies ahead. In truth I have never made a coat before and setting in the sleeves is somewhat bewildering. I really was going to make strides with this ominous sewing task this week…. but alas it hasn’t happened. I sometimes think life is rather like a doctors surgery. You start off with a good plan but things rarely stick to time! So lots of jobs on the daily to do list simply end up being carried over to another day or indeed another week.

I have very finally hung the Roman blind but think it needs some pom-poms or other decorative frou to over-gild the lily!

I have enjoyed laundering my Italian vintage stash. The pieces need to be sorted into little textile categories. Some will remain whole such as some pretty embroidered tablecloths, whilst others will be remodelled into “new” pieces. Cushions, lavender pillows, drawstring bags and decorative kitchen cloths are past makes.

I love the linen nightdress with its cheery monogram. I’m tempted to make this into a pillow sized cushion. Naughty Real Live Rocking Dog is rather partial to some vintage nightshirt pillows that I made a few years ago. I hand sewed the linen garments onto a backing of red and white striped material and filled the cases with soft feather pillows. Real Live Rocking Dog is so like the Princess and the Pea. He chooses the softest, plumpest places to sleep and we quite often have to shoo him off one or other beds or sofa’s.

Back to my textiles, one of the hardest decisions is which ones I am going to keep and decide on those I can bear to part with. The shelves of Material Mountain are cram packed and I need to do some serious sewing to reduce stocks!

The weekend beckons and I hope whatever you are doing you’ll have a good one. Love Rocking Dog x

Prince & The Pea, Rocking Dog

Prince & The Pea

Hung Out To Dry, Rocking Dog

Hung Out To Dry

Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion, Rocking Dog

Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion

Monogram Nightdress, Rocking Dog

Monogram Nightdress

Pretty Stitches, Rocking Dog

Pretty Stitches

Kitchen Cloths, Rocking Dog

Kitchen Cloths

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