Rocking Dog Prints A Tropical Fruit Table Runner

Childs Play Table Runner, Rocking Dog

Childs Play Table Runner

I spied some fruit in the fruit bowl and was inspired to transport myself back to childhood (link especially for Sorrel!). Using acrylic paint, some lining paper and the fruit I created a tropical fruit table runner.

This would be a great project to do with children. Undoubtedly, it is something best kept for a warm day when the paint and excited little folk can paint outside. I always felt painting with toddlers was something I should do….. but paint, brushes and painty water it all felt rather tortuous! Annoyingly children in my experience have the concentration spans of juvenile ants. It would take about 40 minutes to set them up with painting paraphernalia and to shrink wrap the house, for them to be playing with Barbie or Polly Pocket within 5 minutes AAAAAgggghhhh!

Back to the runner! I started by cutting fruits (I used lemons, pomegranate, and a pineapple top) and left the fruit to dry out for a few hours. Meanwhile I cut a length of lining paper. With the fruit now drier it was time to organise paints. I used acrylic paints for my runner, but you could use poster paints. Of course if you want to use material instead of paper you could use fabric paints (Hobbycraft) for your runner. Simply allow the paint to dry and then press with a moderately hot iron to make your design colour fast.

Acrylics dry out very quickly, so squeeze your tubes just before you need them. I used individual plates for each of my chosen colours and then dipped or brushed the fruit with paint. Press the fruit firmly onto your paper and keep going until you are happy with the effect. Leave the runner to dry. I then added a ribbon and tissue paper fringe edging. Voila! a pretty party runner for pennies not pounds!

I love fruity fabrics, and certainly enjoyed Stella McCartney’s citrus print garments which walked down the catwalk in 2011. More recently I have adored Christian Lacroix’s exotic fruits printed on velvet. Yummy! On a slightly more inexpensive scale Sorrel bought fab fruity earrings in Mango, sadly they seem to have disappeared from the Mango site.

Think tropical fruit platters, coconut & lime cake, prawns with tropical fruits, Bounty bars, Mojito’s, Pina Colada’s! I think this is a table runner for grown ups after all- sorry kids!

The Fruit, Rocking Dog

The Fruit

Painterly Fruit, Rocking Dog

Painterly Fruit

Painty Fun, Rocking Dog

Painty Fun

Fruit To Eat, Rocking Dog

Fruit To Eat

.......And Drink!, Rocking Dog

…….And Drink!

Good Enough To Eat!, Rocking Dog

Good Enough To Eat!

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