Rocking Dog Makes Valentine Hearts

Crooked Love Hearts, Rocking Dog

Crooked Love Hearts

With Valentine’s Day around the corner a Rocking Dog crooked heart make. These lavender stuffed hearts are easy to make and have eco friendly credentials as they use vintage remnants and embellishments.

Though pretty, they more seriously keep moths at bay. Moths are discerning little critters and love cashmere, fur, feathers, silk, and wool in particular. They also love the dark and being undisturbed. Therefore give your wardrobe a frequent “spring” clean. They don’t stop with clothes either, so frequently vacuum clean wool carpets and shake folded blankets outside. Anything you feel is particular venerable and shows possible signs of moth damage, bag up and put in the freezer for 12 hours. When you come to put your woolies/coats etc.. away at the end of the winter make sure they are clean, moths love sweaty food stained garments! Put in plastic suit carriers- they are commonly lazy creatures who won’t go to the bother of chewing through the plastic! Cedar wood or lavender certainly help to discourage moths, together with less warm conditions- so switch the central heating off!

Rocking Dog Crooked Hearts.

1. Draw and cut a heart shaped template from card. Mine roughly measures 17cm long by 11cm at widest point.
2. Take an old embroidered table mat, tray cloth, serviette and use your template to draw around to cut some hearts.
3. Choose some pretty backing fabric and again use your template to cut hearts.
4. Embellish your vintage fabric fronts with some pretty buttons, beads, braid or/and ribbon.
5. Remember to stay clear from the edge, it’s difficult to sew seams with buttons in the way!
6. Take your vintage fabric heart and a backing fabric heart, put right side to right side.
7. Tuck a short folded length of string/ ribbon in between the heart layers (this will form the hanging loop).
8. Start machine (or hand) sewing mid way down one of the heart sides.
Continue stitching all the way around until approx 3cm away from start point.
Reverse stitch and take heart from the machine.
9. Turn your heart right way out. Use a pencil or chopstick to get a good point and shape. Press.
10 Fill your heart generously with lavender. I use a plate or tray to collect all the lavender that escapes.
11. Close the gap by hand using neat hem stitching.
12. Tie a pretty piece of ribbon around the loop. Plump your heart up and hang on a Rocking Dog coat hanger. Voila!

Ingredients, Rocking Dog


Draw, Rocking Dog


Cut, Rocking Dog


Embellish, Rocking Dog


Sew, Rocking Dog


Done, Rocking Dog


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