Rocking Dog Looks After The Birds

Feed Me!, Rocking Dog

Feed Me!

With the current mild weather it doesn’t seem of paramount importance to feed the birds. However, whilst I went in search of red and tan shoe polishes I came across an empty coconut shell. Does anyone else have a rather eclectic under-sink cupboard? I had a slight light bulb moment. I could use the shell plus the seeds and nuts I had set aside (they were past their best before date) to make a seedy bird cake.

To make your own seedy bird cake-

1. Drill a hole in your coconut half and thread with a loop of string.
2. Plug the string hole with a little piece of crumpled greaseproof paper (this stops the fat melted leaking)
3. Melt approximately 150g lard or white vegetable fat in a pan over a low heat. Cool slightly.
4. Stir in pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and nuts- whatever you have to hand.
5. Place coconut shell in a bowl which supports it whilst the melted fat sets.
6. Pour the nut/fat mix into the coconut shell. Cool, before transferring to the fridge to set.
7. After about an hour your filled shell should be set and ready to hang from a branch or bird table.

After my making moment, I did get around to using the red and tan shoe polishes. I love brightly coloured shoes, and recently discovered that I didn’t have any dark shoes to wear to a funeral. I sheepishly slunk into the pew wearing scarlet leather brogues. The only thing that made it feel ok, was knowing that the lady we were all remembering loved clothes and colour. Black shoes have a depression inducing effect on me, strange when black clothes are a wardrobe staple.

Later, I made food for my own boy chick, pudding being homemade windfall apple pie with homemade custard. I hope he and lovely fiancee thought it was worth the drive over!

Here’s hoping you have a great weekend ahead of you and that things aren’t too frenetically busy. One thing’s for certain we haven’t got a white Christmas (link- May The Force Be With You!!) to look forward to. BAH HUMBUG!

The Components, Rocking Dog

The Components

Fat, Nuts & Seeds, Rocking Dog

Fat, Nuts & Seeds

Coconut Mould, Rocking Dog

Coconut Mould

Fridge Fodder, Rocking Dog

Fridge Fodder

Come & Get Me!, Rocking Dog

Come & Get Me!

Food For My Chick, Rocking Dog

Food For My Chick

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