Rocking Dog At Chelsea Flower Show.

Perfumer's Garden, Rocking Dog

Perfumer’s Garden

I was incredibly fortunate to be given a last minute free pass to Chelsea Flower Show yesterday. I had a truly amazing time and the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

Having never been to the show before, I was rather like an excited child in a sweetie shop. A particular highlight for me was the wonderful L’Occitane show garden
“A Perfumers Garden in Grasse”. I could really imagine myself sitting down amongst those olive trees, soothed by the smell of Lavender and herbs in the dry heat of Provence. Of course seeing the garden in baking sunshine really helped with that visualisation.

I also loved a greenhouse trade stand (Alitex) styled with vegetable pottagers, cold frames and dramatic purple hue flower planting. I especially adored the greenhouse with slipper bath and a seemingly endless trailing Stephanotis.

Trends seem to be for lots of foxgloves, cow parsley, and generally quite wild un-manicured planting. Yippee! There’s hope for my garden yet!

Have a lovely weekend and happy gardening!

Love Auricula's!, Rocking Dog

Love Auricula’s!

Divine Digitalis, Rocking Dog

Divine Digitalis

Sentebale Garden, Rocking Dog

Sentebale Garden

Beautiful Borage, Rocking Dog

Beautiful Borage

Hanging Floristry, Rocking Dog

Hanging Floristry

Happy Bee, Rocking Dog

Happy Bee

Peony Gorgeousness, Rocking Dog

Peony Gorgeousness

Greenhouse Bathing, Rocking Dog

Greenhouse Bathing

Space Age Planting, Rocking Dog

Space Age Planting

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