From Pooh Fabric To Pooh Christmas Stockings

Stitched Pooh, Rocking Dog

Stitched Pooh

From Pooh fabric to Pooh Christmas Stockings, Rocking Dog has worked her magic! Vintage fabrics, ribbons, buttons and trims have been brought together to make festive hosiery with personality. Finally labels scripted by the Dog have given this latest batch of stockings suitable names.

Maybe i’ll put Christmas to bed for a little while and make and bake things altogether a little more summery.

Have a good week and let’s hope the sun starts shining. Love Rocking Dog x

Vintage Pooh, Rocking Dog

Vintage Pooh

Personalised Labels, Rocking Dog

Personalised Labels

Rosettes & Bling, Rocking Dog

Rosettes & Bling

Pretty Feet, Rocking Dog

Pretty Feet

Kitchenalia Stocking, Rocking Dog

Kitchenalia Stocking

Much Too Soon!, Rocking Dog

Much Too Soon!

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