On The Highway To The Attic.

Gathered & Ready To Pack, Rocking Dog

Gathered & Ready To Pack

Yes, the Rocking Dog Christmas stash is on the highway to the attic! It has been the weekend where I have said I need to do a more minimalist Christmas in 11 and a half months time! However, I am all too realistic in knowing that I will be there unpacking box after box of vintage baubles, Christmas 2016. I will enjoy rediscovering and loving all my decorations all over again. I think I will be coming back to this planet as a Jackdaw, for they notoriously like shiny pretty things!

I have been very restrained this Christmas with buying any additions to my collection. I could not resist a box of kitsch 1960’s bells at Green Park Station Vintage Market and some glass baubles found in a local charity shop for 5p each ( I willingly paid much more). I also received Christmas decorations as presents, so those are entirely guilt free!

So, the time has come to box up a trove of bisque cake decorations, childhood tree ornaments, French nativity santons and the like.

There are also my much loved and VERY fragile glass beaded Chinese lanterns. Bought about ten years ago for £20 ish the ten or so paper lanterns sometimes make a welcome Christmas appearance. I wonder whether similar lanterns graced a party in the early 1900’s, described in a book about Amherst, USA. An ancestor emigrated from Scotland to Williamsville in 1872 to establish a gelatine factory. The 25th wedding anniversary of James and Helen Chalmers sounded wonderful… “The house and grounds were elegantly decorated with palms, evergreens, and flowers. After receiving their guests in a spacious reception room, the Chalmers were joined for supper by their eight children and 125 guests in a tent erected on the front lawn and decorated with Chinese lanterns”

Yes, the house looks bare, but in all honesty it’s lovely to get some space and calm back!

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Bye Bye Snow Baby!, Rocking Dog

Bye Bye Snow Baby!

Old & New, Rocking Dog

Old & New

No Kissing In The Attic!, Rocking Dog

No Kissing In The Attic!

Beautiful Baubles, Rocking Dog

Beautiful Baubles

I Ho, To The Attic We Will Go!, Rocking Dog

I Ho, To The Attic We Will Go!

Lovely Lanterns, Rocking Dog

Lovely Lanterns

4 Thoughts on “On The Highway To The Attic.

  1. Lorraine on January 6, 2016 at 6:25 am said:

    That is a really lovely photo of you Liz xx

  2. gill hepworth on January 7, 2017 at 10:36 am said:

    Hi Liz we are having a craft sale and nearly new sale on February 26th 2017 in Ham Brook club 11am to 3pm wondered if you would like to rent a table for your crafts £10 a table its for my grandson he is raising funds to go on a trip with the school to America!!! I want to know what’s wrong with the Isle of Wight where we used to go?????? Let me know what you think
    Regards Gill xx

    • Hi Gill, Happy New Year to you. I am sorry but I am away that weekend, but wish you the best of luck with the sale. I could donate something for a raffle or stall. Liz x

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