The Olives Are Picked & Rocking Dog Is Back At The Kennel!

Before They Became Oil,Rocking Dog

Before They Became Oil

Yes indeed the olives are now picked and made into divine olive oil.The nets have been put away for another year and the 1,300 mile journey back to the kennel from Umbria has been completed.The linen has been traded in for woolly jumpers and the wood-burner has been stoked. Brrrrrrrr!

It’s good to be back with fresh verve and inspiration and I look forward to seeing friends for walking, chatting and simply being with. Watch out for new Rocking Dog posts including my trip to fifteen French and Belgian cemeteries over 2 days for the Rocking Dog “Remember Me Project” It was the most incredible and poignant experience.

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY– Rocking Dog will be selling Christmas Loveliness together with other wonderful crafty and artisanal foodie folk at the seriously fandabidosi (my Italian is really improving!) Court House Farm, Portishead on Sunday 26th November and Sunday 10th December 10-3.30.

It’s now time to shut myself away like a little elf in my workroom and create some creative and very festive magic!

Love to all, and hope you have a good week. A wine fasting Rocking Dog x

5 Thoughts on “The Olives Are Picked & Rocking Dog Is Back At The Kennel!

  1. Scott & Graeme on November 6, 2017 at 6:13 pm said:

    Hi Liz, Are you selling Christmas Loveliness on other occasions? xx Scott

  2. Lovely to have you back here Liz. I’m considering what I am doing on 10th December!

    • Hi Gina I feel as if i have been travelling in a different universe for the last few weeks. Life in Umbria is so much simpler (though I am sure if you are an inhabitant of these rural communities it probably is anything but simple, especially if grape and olive harvests are poor). Where do your Italian roots lie? Looking forward to the next Fan My Flame post to see what mischief you have been up to! Liz x

  3. Welcome back Liz! I have missed reading your blog. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

    • Hi Karen has Atila the Hun been working his magic?! The important question is are you water tight? Come over for a coffee next week if you want to escape the madness! It would be great to see you. Much love x

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