The Night Before Christmas…….

diamond star, rocking dog

Diamond Star

Can you believe just how quickly Christmas comes and goes after all the weeks of present shopping, supermarket trawls, card writing etc… etc..?! I hope your days of festivities have been enjoyable and that you have loved spending time with friends and family, together with vegging in front of “Call the Midwife” and “Downton Abbey”!

This post celebrates an all together different occasion. Our son Alex’ is now a fiancee. On Christmas Eve he proposed to Kylie at Ashton Court and we are delighted she said yes! For the last month I have been biting my lip knowing that a proposal was imminent, and if I say so myself my level of discretion surprised even me! Though I do have to apologise to random strangers (mostly shop staff) that I imparted the news to, and I thank them for nodding politely.

Alex like Black Adder’s Baldrick came up with a cunning plan, and needed a little bit of help to execute it. One of the priorities was to involve Kylie’s very lovely dog, a big chocolate labrador. Alex ordered a glass star for Cass’ to wear around her neck with THE ring. First rule Alex get your tape measure out, for the star did indeed arrive but was of a weight and size that would have strangled Kylie’s faithful canine companion. The plan had to be quickly rethought. Alex decided Ashton Court would make a lovely place to propose and a good ruse was to get out walking with Cass’ and Real Live Rocking Dog.

Sorry for all the white lies Kylie. The car mysteriously needed to be collected from the garage on the 23rd December and Alex was needed to go and helpfully collect it with Andyman. The actual mission was to do a quick recognisance mission to choose a spot for a proposal and a picnic.

My allocated mission was to try and make the spot just a little bit romantic- we are talking grey winter in Bristol and not Venetian Gondola’s or palm tree’d silver sand beach! Ikea… the list… lanterns, tea lights, chairs, Christmas tree panels, throws, and M & S….. the list….chocolates, strawberries, antipasti..Percy Pigs (!)…

There followed a secretive strategic planning offensive to sort out the detail of carrying out Code -name Diamond Star! Although I wanted to set up the picnic etc.. for Alex I absolutely did not want to be caught there… the pushy prospective Mother in Law and all that!

Thankfully on the afternoon itself I had recruited a willing infantryman -my lovely neighbour Symon to help with carrying and frou’ing, (frou’ing is my word for styling). Symon and I are good frou’ers! In between texts from Alex we had a VERY short time to set up and we didn’t even have time to put up the lovely 6ft Christmas Tree panels – but then the aged brick wall was rather gorgeous. We legged it up to near the house itself, spying from a distance and just wanted to ensure that Alex and Kylie arrived there rather than an opportunist wanting to steal a ring suspended in a glass, moss lined star! We didn’t see the boy and girl but we did see the two dogs snaffling mince pies and olive ciabatta! It was our cue to sneak away and leave the couple to their wintry picnic and their words of commitment to each other.

Congratulations Kylie and Alex. You are truly loved by your family and friends.

slightly Narnia, rocking dog

Slightly Narnia!

champagne picnic, rocking dog

Champagne Picnic

lantern light, rocking dog

Lantern Light

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