A Needle Pulling Thread!

the rustic answer to tinsel, rocking dog

The Rustic Answer to Tinsel

The Rocking Dog workshop’s busy – but the mountains of fabric don’t seem to be diminishing very much – perhaps because I simply keep buying!
Maybe I need some rehab’ to cure my addiction for fabric, string and ribbon! I will be one of those poor souls featured on The Hoarder Next Door where I am climbing over Everest sized peaks of linen, print and velvet to get to the cooker!

These are some of the beauties I will have on sale at the Original Vintage and Handmade Christmas Sale and at my Rocking Dog house sale in mid December.
If you love sewing (and even if you don’t) a brilliant radio 4 programme to upload is A Needle Pulling Thread. 28 minutes of poignant and joyous stories relating to the power and therapy of sewing.
I love my Bernina so much and I verbally tell her that! Have a lovely weekend.

bollywood trees, rocking dog

Bollywood Trees

my crooked hearts, rocking dog

My Crooked Hearts

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