Italy On A Great Big Delicious Plate!

Treasures Of The Sea, Rialto Market, Rocking Dog

Treasures Of The Sea, Rialto Market

I couldn’t resist a scrawl to eulogise the wonders of Italian food! Yes the scenery is stunning, the art treasures legendary and the skies blue…. but the food…truly sublime!

Where some love the prospect of an empty sun lounger I love having access to a cooker! I adore visiting food markets, local shops and even supermarkets abroad. Cooking with the freshest and at times, unfamiliar ingredients is a true pleasure for both me and the rest of the Ferguson clan.

Whilst visiting a fruit store in Umbria, we were told of a German potter and her Italian husband baking and selling bread from their family kitchen two days a week. One Sunday we ventured up to the nearby Medieval hilltop town and visited this artisan bakery. I was so charmed by this entrepreneurial enterprise. A delicious selection of breads was duly purchased and then we were invited to drink coffee at the semi-chaotic family table. So there we were, drinking espresso’s and eating divine freshly baked prune and ginger rye rolls. Bliss! A bread maker I am not, but I did wonder whether there would be a call for freshly baked cakes from my oven ….something sweet for the weekend.

In Volterra I spotted meringues so fungi like, and chocolate salami so…. salami like! Meanwhile in Umbria we ventured into a magical Christmas bedecked Michele & Co with cakes simply too pretty to eat.

In Venice, shops were stocked with heavily iced and sweet jewelled horses. On 11th November Venice celebrates the Festival of St Martino. The story goes that Martin, a soldier of the Roman Empire was riding with his soldiers near the city of Amiens when he spotted a poor freezing beggar. He cut his cloak in half and shared it with the beggar. The moment he gave the man his cloak the sun came out and this phenomenon is known in Italy as the Estate di San Martin (a short period of time in November when the weather is relatively warm). Martin was made a saint for his great humility and generosity. The festival is special for children as they go about Venice banging on pots and pans and are given money and candy. The shortbread horses are baked and decorated and signify St Martin on his horse.

Again in Venice, we ventured out early to go to the famous Rialto Market. Fruit and vegetable stalls together with the most amazing choice of fish made this an eye popping experience. We bought clams for Spaghetti Alle Vongole and spotted the gorgeous Francesco da Mosto… almost good enough to eat!

Good wines, good food, good weather…Saluti!

Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy gorgeous things to eat.

Globe Artichokes, Rocking Dog

Globe Artichokes

Edible Flowers, Rocking Dog

Edible Flowers

Polpi, Rocking Dog


Fritto Misto, Rocking Dog

Fritto Misto

Bottled Yumminess!, Rocking Dog

Bottled Yumminess!

Artisan Breads, Rocking Dog

Artisan Breads

Meringue Mushrooms, Rocking Dog

Meringue Mushrooms

Michele Magic, Rocking Dog

Michele Magic

Equine Icing, Rocking Dog

Equine Icing

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