Hen Party Filled Picnic Bags By Rocking Dog

Labelled & Ready To Go- Picnic Bags By Rocking Dog, Rocking Dog

Labelled & Ready To Go- Picnic Bags By Rocking Dog

Saturday saw Andyman, myself and an enthusiastic Real Live Rocking Dog driving over the bridge to the Forest of Dean to deliver picnic bags for a certain hen party!

I made individual hen food bags for each of the “hens” and then stashed them with delicious goodies. Choosing fabrics from the infamous Material Mountain, ideas for the bags began to take shape. I decided on a hen appliqué and began by finding a hen image on Google. Enlarging the image I used the computer as an ad hoc light-box, directly tracing the image from the screen onto tracing paper. I ironed a piece of Bondaweb onto my chosen hen appliqué fabric and similarly used Bondaweb for contrasting fabric for the wings. Bondaweb is great for adhering fabric to another fabric, minimising fabric movement and wrinkles.

The hens were then pressed to the centre of the main bag fabric. I used zig zag stitch to sew the hens in place and added stitched legs and button eyes. A veil was added to the bride to be’s hen. Worryingly I thought that many of the hens resembled Lisa Simpson, not my intention! Hems were sewn at the top of each bag before the seams were closed, firstly the central back seam and then the bottom seam. Turned right way out, handles of wide candy stripe ribbon were attached. Finally the bags were pressed and loose cottons snipped. Voila!

Now for the filling of the bags. Not a sweaty cheese and tomato sandwich in sight, nor warm yoghurt, grey sausage roll or wrinkled chicken drumstick! A buttery croissant filled with Pastrami and Emmental, Tyrrell’s crisps, freshly baked Rocking Dog sausage roll and a salad box inhabited each bag. The salad box contained pasta, roasted mediterranean vegetables, Mozzarella pearls, homemade pesto and toasted pine nuts.

Sweet offerings included some Rocking Dog cherry amaretti (continuing thanks Yotam Ottolenghi for the recipe), and the naughtiest ever Billionaires bars A few weeks ago whilst posting a letter, I bumped into the lovely Alison Atherton. She said “try this”, and handed me a mysterious foil package. Inside was the most amazing sweet offering. So enthused about the sweet loveliness I said to my neighbour “try this”. So said neighbour VERY hesitatingly took a small piece and loved it. She then told me she’d started a diet that morning! Oops! What a bully I am! Anyway when I came to the hen food bags I just had to try the recipe myself. It has got to be the naughtiest recipe I have ever encountered.

To counteract the chocolate naughtiness I added a clementine and strawberries into the bag. I put the strawberries into single use piping bags (£1 for 20 from Poundland) and tied them with pretty ribbon.

A can of San Pellegrino Limonata was stowed together with a pretty hen printed napkin. The bags were then tied with calligraphed and stamped name labels. Another bag gathered together, dips, crudites, clotted cream, wet wipes and rubbish bag. It was time to head to the hens!

A beautiful sunny morning in Bristol, 3/4 of an hour up the road at the hen cabin it had been snowing overnight! Picnics delivered to the lovely girls, there was time to walk Real Live Rocking Dog and there was even a flutter of snow!

Hen Template, Rocking Dog

Hen Template

Hen Applique, Rocking Dog

Hen Applique

Hen With A Veil, Rocking Dog

Hen With A Veil

Salad Box, Rocking Dog

Salad Box

Cherry Amaretti, Rocking Dog

Cherry Amaretti

Cake Bags, Rocking Dog

Cake Bags

Piping Bag Strawb's, Rocking Dog

Piping Bag Strawb’s

Luggage Labels, Rocking Dog

Luggage Labels

Hen Picnic Bound!, Rocking Dog

Hen Picnic Bound!

7 Thoughts on “Hen Party Filled Picnic Bags By Rocking Dog

  1. Oh my how thoughtful and creative you are, you have an amazing talent for inspiring others – long may it last. I however, am off to my office job today – oh how I wish I had a tenth of your creative skill. X

    • Thank you lovely girl. You have the whole damned package- creativity, diplomacy, good counselling skills, and business nouse. Very lucky to have known you for the last 20 years or so x

  2. Stephanie Cawthorn on April 18, 2016 at 8:09 am said:

    How absolutely fabulous ! I am totally in awe of your creative skills and ability- the hens are so very pretty and meaningful. And the contents SO delicious. Like Di, I wish I had a smidgen of your inspired ideas and fantastic ability! Thank you for your generous sharing of how to make them.


  3. Scott on April 18, 2016 at 8:53 am said:

    Those hens were so lucky. And so were we. The Ottolenghi Cherry Amaretti and The Very Naughty Billionaire Bars were delicious.

  4. Glad the edibles found an appreciative audience Scott. I’m just glad they weren’t filling out my already Reubenesque waistline! Hope today is a good day for you both, and that there are plenty more swallow sightings. We woke up to a handsome bushy tailed fox on our wall eating some gingerbread! x

  5. Lorraine on April 18, 2016 at 6:44 pm said:

    Yet again you have made my evening! What absolutely beautiful hen bags and totally delicious contents the girls must have been so delighted when you arrived with such out of this world ideas. You never cease to amaze me Liz!, just where do you get your ideas from and always so perfectly executed!!! Everyone that knows you are very lucky and this wedding is going to be a truly wonderful affair just as 5 yrs ago for gorgeous Sorrel! Xxx

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