Grub In A Jiffy For The Workers!

Ferguson Caprese, Rocking Dog

Ferguson Caprese

The border is dug and the plants are in! All looks rather sad, but know the bare earth will soon have a plethora of plants burgeoning forth. In the seventeen years of living here I don’t think the monster border has ever been dug in its entirety. Three more borders beckon and it’s when I wish I had a tiny courtyard garden. Maybe tomorrow will be a sewing day after eight hours of continuous and laborious digging.

In the sun we ate a Caprese style salad. Ripped Mozzarella, a variety of cherry tomatoes, torn Basil, seasoning and a glug of Umbrian Virgin olive oil. Served with some lightly toasted Ciabatta wiped with a garlic glove. Delicious!

I hope you had a good and sunny relaxing bank holiday weekend.

Roses Lime Cordial Too!, Rocking Dog

Roses Lime Cordial Too!

Two Summer's Ago, Rocking Dog

Two Summer’s Ago

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