Gone Fishing, Back In A Little While!

Tapestry Trout, Rocking Dog

Tapestry Trout

Signing off for a little while to get to grips with some unopened tins of Farrow & Ball and to contemplate life. Painting is good for the soul, just wish the sanding was!

I will reappear heavily paint splattered in Churlish, Ammonite, Brassica and Charlotte’s Locks sometime very soon. That’s what happens when you dance with a paint brush in your hand !

Liz x

One Thought on “Gone Fishing, Back In A Little While!

  1. Elaine Brown on August 24, 2015 at 9:37 am said:

    Hi Liz, your website is so beautiful, as are your handmade tea towels, wrappings and cards. And these are all I’ve seen in the flesh so far! Can’t wait to see more and will be at any one of your events if I am in the UK, you bet I will!

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