Gone To Check On the Olives

Olive Groves, Rocking Dog

Olive Groves

Italy bound for a short while.

Meanwhile there is lots going on here while we are away.

Our boy heads out to Rio with the Paralympians on Tuesday. Despite all the negative publicity regarding financial shortfalls etc.. the British athletes are looking forward to the games immensely. Working in Communications for British Athletics, Alex has had the immense privilege to witness first hand the incredible efforts these particular athletes in put in to strive for gold. Good Luck to you all.

Sorrel and Pete celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary whilst we are away. I couldn’t ask for a lovelier and more caring son in law. Sorrel’s not so bad either!! Many congratulations lovely folk.

I can’t leave out little Liv‘, she has been working on Christmas 2016 from just after Christmas 2015. A copywriter for Harrods, the Christmas department is just about to happen. Oh no it isn’t, Oh yes it is!! I loved my gift of fig baubles last year…. i’m not expecting…but…I do NEED a few more decorations!!

Another member of the family to mention. Real Live Rocking Dog is going to be 9 while we are away. Maybe Dougie will allow you a piece of his precious Pek if you are not TOO grumpy!

My lovely niece Iona opens her GCSE results today. Hope you are happy with what’s printed on the paper Iona. Exciting times for the three nieces. We love you all.

Finally, I don’t like being away from my gorgeous friend who has had a monumental challenge to face. You are doing so well, and I am truly in awe of you. Your gorgeous family are… well… frankly gorgeous. I will be back soon with hopefully new things to chatter about and items for you to look at and hold. So love you x

Much love to all Rocking Dog blog readers, thank you for hanging on in there. I really will come back soon with fresh inspiration and the impetus to sew and create. Enjoy the sun x

London 2012, Rocking Dog

London 2012

Wedding Anniversary, Rocking Dog

Wedding Anniversary

Doggy Birthday, Rocking Dog

Doggy Birthday

Cousins, Rocking Dog


Harrods Dec's 2015, Rocking Dog

Harrods Dec’s 2015

Love To My Friend, Rocking Dog

Love To My Friend

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