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Wallpaper Proud!, Rocking Dog

Wallpaper Proud!

Finally yesterday I swapped paint for paper. Like sewing I find wallpapering very therapeutic, especially if there’s a pattern to match! I bought the paper from Anthropologie in a sale nearly a year ago because I simply LOVED it. It was always destined for youngest daughter’s bedroom. Although I loved her black and white paper, it had slightly lost its appeal with Ann Summers having used the silver version in all its branches! Last decorated nine years ago the room had done well and withstood a whole array of colourful beauty products, so I didn’t feel too guilty!

With the little Ferguson’s all having flown the nest, I fleetingly thought we should be “neutralising” with some cans of Magnolia in case we downsized in the near future. However, I remembered when we took on the house it had a ghastly mink brown bathroom suite and bodged kitchen together with a forest of conifers. We recognised the potential, as well as appreciating the lovely features (flagstones, original sash windows, murals and a good roof). So Nah! i’m not going to succumb to Magnolia, never have and never will!

The paper certainly reflects the many leafy, and invariably muddy walks on the doorstep. With Ammonite, Churlish, Brassica reassuringly dry, and looking fabulous, it was time to get the paper pasting table out. I chickened out of hanging the paper as per instructed by the label and resorted to a vat of readymade wallpaper paste. Had I not been such a coward I should have simply dipped the paper in water for thirty seconds and hung. I decided to put the new paper over the old, not ideal, but with crumbly walls I treated the paper as a patterned lining paper.

The biggest issue was yet to come, the paper didn’t have an obvious pattern match, so I resorted to looking at a Google image. I followed another customer’s pattern matching and I can only hope that they did it right!

A Roman blind now needs to be made, i’ll put skills acquired at “The Makery” into use again. Meanwhile, there are some VERY heavy lanterns (£60 the pair from Ben’s Tiles & Reclamation) that need wiring and hung from their brackets. Phil, please come back from your Norwegian fishing trip….your expertise and muscle is needed!

The best bit is that I have paper left over, so I look forward to thinking up lots of crafty ways of using it!

Doorstep Inspiration, Rocking Dog

Doorstep Inspiration

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Anthropologie Purchase

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Come Back Phil!, Rocking Dog

Come Back Phil!

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