Elvis Has Left The Building!

Blue Elvis, Rocking Dog

Blue Elvis

Yes we saw the New Year in with Elvis- yes the real one. Don’t believe any of these stupid Elvis’s autopsy programmes!
We danced away to “Suspicious Minds”, “Jailhouse Rock”, “An American Trilogy”, “Return to Sender” etc.. at The Weston in Bath. Great fun and as always, he is such a great entertainer.

I’ll own up now it’s not the real Elvis. On hearing about Elvis’s death in our hand painted tent somewhere in Wales in 1977 I remember having a good sob. No this tribute Elvis is Tim Bassett and can you believe that we booked him for our daughter Sorrels’ wedding before we booked the venue for the ceremony!

On New Years Eve apart from Elvis, Tim gave us a mixed second set of Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Soft Cell, David Bowie etc..and we jostled for space on the dance floor.

Very charismatic he makes no attempt to speak like Elvis (or for that matter Johnny C, David B etc..) and between songs gives good south west banter.

So, the New Year begins and as midnight arrived so my Dryathlon for Cancer Research began. I hope that the Christmas bottle of Bailey’s in the fridge doesn’t ever look overly tempting.

Whatever you hope for, and whatever challenges you plan to embark on, good luck and wishing you much happiness in 2015!

Elvis really has left the building!

Red Elvis. Rocking Dog

Red Elvis

Sobbing Painted Tent, Rocking Dog

Sobbing Painted Tent

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