Doug And The Legendary Lie Detector

Guardian Of The Little Black Box, Rocking Dog

Guardian Of The Little Black Box

This sombrero’d piece of 60’s kitsch now resides in my sewing room. Originally it lived in my childhood home and never really saw the light of day. Instead, this tourist treasure stood sentinel over my Dad Doug’s little black box. Housed on the top shelf of his wardrobe it shared space with Doug’s Homburg hat (remember everyone but everyone wore a hat to a funeral),and life’s inevitable flotsam and jetsam. There was also more than likely a secretive stash of chocolate. Poor Dad it became ever more problematic to hide Fry’s Chocolate Cream bars, Raspberry Ruffle’s, Crunchie’s and Mars bars from the tentacles of three human gannets! How jubilant were we if we found one of these confectionary hideouts- the garage was a favourite. Dad then had to go back to the drawing board to plot an evermore inventive hidey-hole.

Back to the wardrobe, the little black box was a slightly scary enigma when we were growing up. This was Dad’s Lie Detector. When none of us would own up to a wrong doing, the threat of the little black box being brought out was enough for the felon to come forward! I vividly remember an occasion when I sprayed an exterior porch wall with gold spray paint. I would not own up…so..the little black box was threatened. As per usual the threat did the trick and no doubt I got a smacked bottom!

So what was the little black box? Dad served in the Royal Navy telegraphist in WW2 sending and receiving important Morse Code messages, perhaps this was a relic from his naval days ? Certainly not, for this was a simple door bell box cover! I remember the three of us precariously balancing on a chair on tiptoes trying to reach the little back box, desperately trying to dispel the mystique!

Even little pottery Mexican man had a degree of mystery, full of loose change I always thought he was a Chinaman. Only recently did I really carefully look at him and begin suspecting he was brought back from a 1960’s Spanish package holiday together with some Flamenco dancer postcards.

My Dad Doug, Rocking Dog

My Dad Doug

Hola! Rocking Dog


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