Curtains Ready To Be Hung

Packaged & Ready To Go!, Rocking Dog

Packaged & Ready To Go!

Yes the crisp ticking curtains are ready to be hung. Measured, cut, lined, sewn, hand hemmed, pressed and bound they’ll be gracing a bay window in Plumstead sometime very soon.

Feeling very jaded this morning, so this post is short and sweet. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the sun shines for you. Love Rocking Dog x

One Thought on “Curtains Ready To Be Hung

  1. Sorrel on July 29, 2016 at 3:27 pm said:

    THANK YOU they look so beautiful. Can’t wait to hang them and to not have the street light blaring at me at 3am or being woken by an early sunrise! Love you. Blinds?! Xxxx

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