Creative Ways Of Dealing With Junk Mail!

Sweet Wrapper, Rocking Dog

Sweet Wrapper

Rocking Dog loves recycling creatively! I hope no-one thinks i’m miserly not wrapping gifts in proper commercial gift wrap. The recent John Lewis “Cook” supplement and “Anthropologie” brochure that dropped through my letter box were simply too pretty to put in the recycling bin.

My future daughter in law was the recipient of these latest recycled wrap gifts, and as ever I hope she didn’t think me too mad!

I have an ever growing box of pretty brochures, Chinese newspapers, interior design magazines, comics and books, gorgeous fodder for future gift wrapping projects. Yes, I am a self confessed hoarder, or, more positively an effective creative recycler!

Too Pretty To Bin, Rocking Dog

Too Pretty To Bin

Exotic Junk Mail, Rocking Dog

Exotic Junk Mail

A Jewel Of A Gift, Rocking Dog

A Jewel Of A Gift

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