Come In From The Cold! Rocking Dog Creative Huddle,Thursday.

Rocking Dog Haberdashery,Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog Haberdashery

It’s time to come in from the cold and join Rocking Dog at the kennel for February’s creative huddle. Well that’s not strictly true because we’ll have landed in March! I am cooking with some lovely Young Carer’s on Wednesday so instead we’re meeting on Thursday 7-9pm. Please come along to talk gentle talk and eat delicious Rocking Dog cake. Get those fingers busy sewing, knitting, crocheting- whatever you fancy.

Donations into the big jolly teapot for Fine Cell Work, encouraging and supporting prison inmates to sew and embroider.

Rocking Dog would love to see you on Thursday and hope that the snow drifts aren’t so big that huddlers can’t get to the creative hub!

Have a great week and stay cosy.

Love Rocking Dog x

2 Thoughts on “Come In From The Cold! Rocking Dog Creative Huddle,Thursday.

  1. Looking forward to some cosy huddling, snow permitting!

    • Please bring pic’s of your bath and the Loo for only Number ones ! Let’s get the conversation started as we mean to go on Karen! x

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