Cherry Time Is Here!

A Favourite Verse, Rocking Dog

A Favourite Verse

I value my garden for being full of blackbirds than of cherries, and very frankly give them fruit for their songs. Joseph Addison. An appropriate verse for this sunny cherry season.

I can thoroughly recommend the Vin Santo trifle recipe. Taken from “Food For Friends” by Fran Warde the boozy pud’ is a concoction of biscotti, fresh figs, cherries, mascarpone and Vin Santo. Vin Santo (holy wine) is a sweet wine which is enjoyed in Italy often with biscotti for dunking… DELICIOUS! Yotam Ottolenghi has a fantastic biscotti recipe which includes dried sour cherries

A page from Mark Hearld’s Workbook, forms the backdrop for “Blackbird Worship”. Mark designs beautiful books, textiles, wallpapers and cards which depict flora and fauna. I would LOVE to have a sneaky peak into the York home he shares with designer Emily Sutton. He and Emily sell their wares through St Jude’s and Art Angels.

The cherry scarf was a recent buy in Sainsbury’s (Tu) and a great hair tidy up!

I am hoping that in the coming sunny days we will indeed be able to pick cherries. However, some very fat pigeons appear to have their beady eyes on the clumps of scarlet fruit. So much for sweet singing blackbirds!

The Blossom, Rocking Dog

The Blossom

Ripening Fruit, Rocking Dog

Ripening Fruit

Wearable Cherries, Rocking Dog

Wearable Cherries

Boozy Cherry Pud', Rocking Dog

Boozy Cherry Pud’

Cherry Refreshment, Rocking Dog

Cherry Refreshment

Blackbird Worship, Rocking Dog

Blackbird Worship

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