A Weekend Up North

Real Live Rocking Dog Taking A Dip, Rocking Dog

Real Live Rocking Dog Taking A Dip

We were lucky enough to have an invite up north before the mayhem that is Christmas truly kicks in. We ventured North on Friday afternoon and a journey that should have taken 4 1/2 hours ended up being a stressful 7 1/2 hours, but heh ho! Things got so bad that I ended up playing guess the flavour of the crisp with Andyman. After many guesses and many hints he finally sort of guessed Winter berries and Prosecco. I kid you not M & S have bought out a bag with the aforementioned flavour, and to over-gild the lily have scattered the crisps with minute gold stars! We then had guess the flavour of the sandwich, and before we knew it we had wasted 3/4 of an hour and moved half a mile! Please let me know how YOU while away time on a laborious car journey.

We finally reached the beautiful Lake District with a starry crisp night to greet us. How unbleached the skies are there, and definitely somewhere I’d want to invest in a telescope (preferably with Prof Brian Cox to guide me through my constellations!).

Next morning we awoke to a fantastic view from our bedroom, alas, with none of the predicted snow. We were out on the fells before you could say Jack Robinson! Real Live Rocking Dog anxious to impress and keep up with our friend’s proper dogs (two black Labradors) took the icy plunge in the tarn complete with his tartan coat.

The scenery was truly amazing and felt so untouched by mankind. Some of the higher peaks sporting a sprinkling of snow, reminded me of a row of Pandoro cakes lightly dusted with icing sugar. Eight or so miles of brisk walking and chatting through bracken, marshland and stoney tracts we were ready to eat and tackle two lovely bottles of Barolo.

Sunday, a shorter but steeper climb, we all felt as if we were on top of the world. Overlooking Lake Coniston we were buffeted by the cold November cross-winds and took refuge by clambering back down an unorthodox route. There were hundreds of foxglove plants as we trekked downwards and I couldn’t help thinking how wonderful the fells must look with this beautiful species in full bloom. We passed a house with the most stunning topiary, and it somehow all felt rather surreal with the amazing backdrop of towering crags.

After eats at the Bluebird Cafe it was time to bid a fond farewell to our hosts and tackle the journey home. Real Live Rocking Dog pleasantly exhausted, and with no crisp flavours to adjudicate, we had a good trip back.

Though it was short, we had a lovely time with gorgeous friends and in a truly beautiful patch of England. Feel so lucky.

Bedroom View, Rocking Dog

Bedroom View

The Noisy Neighbours!, Rocking Dog

The Noisy Neighbours!

Terrific Topiary!, Rocking Dog

Terrific Topiary!

Snow-capped  Peaks, Rocking Dog

Snow-capped Peaks

Natures' Amazing Colours, Rocking Dog

Natures’ Amazing Colours

Hilltop Sculpture, Rocking Dog

Hilltop Sculpture

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